Thanks for your help in Kickstarting our initial order of the Cookstove! We are excited to get these stoves out to you and we are excited to see the small spaces you heat with them! On this page we will post updates on the importation and shipping process so you know exactly what the status is with your stove.


We are brand new to the process of importing goods from another country. One may think, like we did initially, that it’s a simple matter of placing an order and tossing the goods on a ship. As we have learned in the past few weeks there are a lot more details like hiring a customs broker, purchasing security bonds and lots of confusing paperwork.


Please bare with us in our learning curve and we are doing everything in our power to get your stove to you as quickly as possible! The most current updates are as follows:




10/21/15 Reached our Pre-Order Minimum


10/29/15 Funds Transferred from Paypal to Bank Account


10/30/15 Emailed Order to GEKAS


11/6/15 Received Pro-Forma Invoice & Pallet Size for Shipping Quote


11/9/15 Submitted shipping details to Customs Broker for Quote


So as of today 11/9/15 we have placed our order, made payment and submitted shipping details to customs broker for a quote. Gekas is assembling our order and it should be ready for pickup from the manufacturer in the next 2 weeks. After it’s picked up they estimate 3-4weeks of transit time for ocean freight. I’ll update you as soon as I learn more!


11/15/15 Submitted wire transfer to pay for order.


11/17/15 Order is being fulfilled (our stoves are being built)


This past week we submitted payment via a wire transfer. This process took a few days…I went to our bank to make the transfer and quickly learned international wire transfers are EXPENSIVE! The exchange rate that particular day was 1.08 EURO to $1 USD. The rate they quoted me for the transfer was $1.14 EURO. This may seem like just a few cents but for our order would have been an additional $300 + a $45 transfer fee. I decided to abandon the transfer and look into other options. I found a site: which only charges a flat fee for making international wire transfers. So instead of $350 the transfer cost me $30. So payment has been made and I received an email from Dimitrios (the owner of Gekas) that they are working on our order and it should be ready for pickup in a few days. Thanks for your patience and I’ll update as soon as I know more.


As a bonus I’m going to include some fire-starters and a handy tong tool for adjusting flaming logs in your stove!


11/25/15 Update from GEKAS 1/2 our order is complete.


11/30/15 Update from GEKAS our order is complete!


12/2/15 Order transported to port. Shipment departs 12/4. ETA 45days.


We really appreciate your patience and understanding as we are learning international trade. Seems when dealing abroad everything happens on a different (much slower) time table! I wish I could fast-forward the process and I’m sorry that it has taken so long! I’ll update you as soon as I know more!


12/28/15 Cargo ship arrived in NY!


Our shipment has arrived in NY on 12/21. The tracking say it was released from the Port on 12/26. I assume this means it was loaded on a train and departed for Seattle. I’ll let you know when I learn more!

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 12.57.29 PM