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You're getting a wood stove!!!

Cozy times are coming...

Your stove is expected to ship in late January or early February. After you finish your own happy dance, here are some things you can do to prepare!

Plan Your Chimney

Our team of tiny wood stove experts will be happy to create a custom flue design and parts list for you. You can also use Floo, our friendly parts robot to help you design your own.

Stove Gift Dance

Watch Some Videos

Check out our helpful video content on everything from unboxing your wood stove to managing your fire for an efficient burn.

Review the Manual

Download the Dwarf Wood Stove manual here to read up on clearance requirements, installation, and the operation of your new woodstove.

More Resources

Want even more reading material? We have a wealth of resources and articles on flue design theory, getting the longest burn time, and more.

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