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The Dwarf Gas Stove

At Tiny Wood Stove, we're obviously fans of wood heat.  But we also love the convenience of a thermostatically controlled gas heater in tiny and off-grid homes. Introducing the Dwarf Gas Stove.  A small propane fireplace with a classic wood stove aesthetic.

Use the Dwarf Gas heater as a primary heating and cooking appliance, or as a supplement to your Dwarf Wood Stove.  The direct vent design feeds the and exhausts from outside, so there's no moisture buildup or oxygen depletion in your living space.  The thermostatically controlled burner keeps your home warm while you're away, or heats overnight at the push of a button.  And the visible fire and ceramic gas log set adds the ambiance of a real fire to your space.

Dwarf Gas Prototype 1.0

We are currently testing our first prototype of the Dwarf Gas stove and we want to hear your feedback!  Check out the video and the pictures of the Dwarf Gas in action.  Fill out the survey below to let us know what you think, and to get updates and special offers on the Dwarf Gas as soon as it's available.

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