Hobbit Stove Unboxing

Salamander Hobbit Unboxing

Here’s what you can expect when receiving a Salamander Hobbit Small Wood Stove! This quick video overviews the packaging, contents, and assembly of the Hobbit Wood Stove.


The stove came in a wood crate and a custom fitted foam cover. The stove was bolted to a piece of plywood, fitted with the foam then a thin plywood shell was screwed to the base. On our stove the plywood bottom was cracked and I was surprised that everything was intact and nothing damaged. The crate could stand to be more heavy duty. The stove is fairly heavy (110lbs) so if it was mishandled during transport I would imagine damage could follow.


The stove with no additional options comes with:

  • Stove
  • Firebox Components
  • Flue Collar
  • Ash Pan
  • Multi-Tool
  • Mini-Broom and Shovel
  • 4-Feet (with mounting hardware)
  • Operational Manual



The Assembly is very basic! Screw on the 4-feet with the bolts and washers that are provided then bolt on the flue collar. Next the firebox gets assembled by fitting in the baffle and side air plates. Had no problems assembling the stove!



Overall the stove and components were boxed up very nicely. Our crate had a crack in the plywood bottom from transport but the stove arrived in perfect shape. All the interior components were individually wrapped and secure in the stove.






For more in-depth info and review on the Hobbit from Salamander visit the Hobbit Review Page Here.


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1 thought on “Salamander Hobbit Unboxing”

  1. Hey nick. I recently just ordered one of these stove from Alaska masonry. Going to put in my camper as well. Looking forward to seeing how you do the chimney and setting up the direct air. Going to be moving into my camper full time and saving money. Hopefully these little stoves will put out enough to be comfortable in the Canadian winters we have. Anyways can’t wait to see you next video.
    Jesse smith.

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