Thinking about wood heat for your tiny house? Good! Wood stoves can provide affordable, clean and renewable heat all winter long. The first step is determining how many BTU’s you need to heat your space.

What is BTU?

A BTU is a British Thermal Unit and is basically a unit of measure which is the amount of energy needed to cool or heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

How many BTU’s do I need?

Rule of Thumb: 15 x Volume of Space to Heat = Required BTU’s.

Here are some common dimensions of tiny houses and there BTU needs.

Tiny House Dimensions / Square Footage / BTU Needs

18’ x 7’ x 8’  126sq/ft  10520BTU
20’ x 7’ x 8’  140sq/ft  11440BTU
24’ x 7’ x 8’  168sq/ft  13280BTU

Room Size
24’ x 24’ x 8’  576sq/ft  26880BTU

BTU Calculator

Here is a super handy BTU calculator. Simply put in your room size and see your approximate BTU needs. BTU CALCULATOR!

KW to BTW Conversions

Need to convert KW to BTW? Use this KW CONVERSION TOOL.

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