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Our Dwarf stoves are designed specifically for small recreational or temporary spaces less than 500 square feet like tents, RVs, boats, and tiny homes on wheels.  The Dwarf stove is not certified (UL/CSA) or approved (EPA) for residential heating and is offered for recreational, portable, or temporary use only. In some cases, local codes may …

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Value vs. Price

It is definitely not cheap to install a wood stove properly! The parts required for a safe and proper installation are a big investment. Here’s why we think investing the money in the right wood stove and flue parts is so worth it.  Freedom and Resilience of Wood Heat There’s a reason people feel an …

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Radiant vs. Convection Heat

There’s actually a physical, scientific reason why few people rave about their furnaces the way people fall in love with their wood stoves. Radiant or Convection Heating The difference in the “feel” of a heat source comes down to the way it distributes heat into the room. Convection heaters are designed to heat air that …

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Wood Stove Efficiency

Efficiency in a wood stove is important because it allows you to conserve fuel while getting the most heat into your space and producing the least amount of smoke and creosote. Installing the most efficient wood stove for your space can give you many years of clean-burning, trouble-free warmth. Download our Free Wood Stove Efficiency …

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Wood Heat vs. Propane Heat

Comparing wood and propane heat for small spaces The ideal heat source comes down to long-term cost and how involved you want to be in the process of heating your home. Do you want to be independent of fossil fuels and don’t mind some extra chores? Then a wood stove is right for you! Or …

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Pros & Cons of Wood Heat

A warm, dancing fire provides the ultimate coziness in a home! Wood heat is affordable, sustainable, lowers humidity and offers an ambience that can’t be beat! The main downside to wood heat are chores. For example: Firewood needs to be processed and the fire needs to be tended. If you’re looking for that cozy ambience …

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Stove Placement

The best location for the stove is as centrally located in the space as possible. Wood stoves heat with radiant heat so the further away from the stove you are, the cooler the temperature will be. Having the stove centrally located will offer the highest potential for even heating throughout the space. Fans can help …

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Stove Manuals & Other Tech Stuff

You’ve come to the right place for tech specs, manuals, and downloads. Dwarf Wood Stove Manual Dwarf Wood Stove Manual (a print version will come with your wood stove) Dwarf Wood Stove Dimensions Drawings Dwarf 3kw Wood Stove (LITE and Standard) Dwarf 4kw Wood Stove Dwarf 5kw Wood Stove Installation Guides Tiny House Roof Exit …

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General Stove Components

Dwarf Wood Stove This diagram and descriptions of the function of each Dwarf Wood Stove component should help you more fully understand the function and assembly of your stove. Many of these components contribute directly to the performance and heating efficiency of the Dwarf wood stoves. Read more about the keys to wood stove efficiency …

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