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SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Unforgettable Fire – The Kimberly Stove Review

The Kimberly is a sleek looking stainless steel stove. Its small, lightweight and very efficient with secondary combustion technology which thoroughly burns the wood gasses before venting. I love the look of this little stove the fact that its light weight but it is by far the most expensive small space stove on the market.


Price: $3750

BTU: claimed 40,000 How many BTU's do I need?

Dimensions: 10" Diameter x 25.5" Height

Weight: 56lbs

Material: Stainless Steel

Fuels: Wood

Pipe Diameter: 3"

EPA Certified? Yes

Notes (My 2-cents): I love the modern look, the size and weight of this little stove! That said priced at $3750 you would expect its plated in gold. Another concern I have is on the long-term durability of stainless. There are cast iron stoves still around from centuries ago that function perfectly...I wonder how this will hold up to continual use?

The claimed 40,000 BTU output doesn't seem to be physically possible.  The firebox size is similar to a 4kW stove, which would put it at around 14,000 BTU.

Buying Information: Visit the Unforgettable Fire Website to get more info on ordering a Kimberly.



The Kimberly Owners Manual


If you have any experience with this stove please put your feedback below!

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