Thanks for your help in Kickstarting our initial order of the Pipsqueak! We are excited to get these little stoves out to you and we are excited to see the small spaces you heat with them! On this page we will post updates on the importation and shipping process so you know exactly what the status is with your stove.


We are brand new to the process of importing goods from another country. One may think, like we did initially, that it’s a simple matter of placing an order and tossing the goods on a ship. As we have learned in the past few weeks there are a lot more details like hiring a customs broker, purchasing security bonds and lots of confusing paperwork.


Please bare with us in our learning curve and we are doing everything in our power to get your stove to you as quickly as possible! The most current updates are as follows:




10/18/15 Reached our Pre-Order Minimum


10/26/15 Funds Transferred from Paypal to Bank Account


10/27/15 Placed our Pipsqueak Order with Salamander Stoves in UK


10/28/15 Submitted pallet details (size/weight) to shipper for a quote.


Since we are placing an order that has a value greater than $2500 we are required to hire a customs broker. The broker handles the transition when the shipment comes to port plus pays all the duties and files all the necessary paperwork on our behalf. We’ve called and spoke with several brokers in the Seattle area and have settled on the one that had the most competitive rates and was the most helpful. (http://www2.laufer.com/) The Laufer Group (our customs broker) also has shipping agents worldwide and can handle the pickup, ocean freight and insurance of our order. We are excited to be working with these knowledgeable professionals!


So as of today 10/28 we’ve submitted the order details to the shipper for a quote. Once we get a quote we pay the shipping fees then stoves are picked up and put on a boat.


10/30/15 Submitted necessary paperwork for customs broker.


11/2/15 Shipment delayed by 2-weeks.


Just got an email from Salamander Stoves (the manufacturer) and our order of Pipsqueaks with not be ready to ship for another 2 weeks. Mark, the owner of Salamander Stoves in the UK, was very apologetic for the confusion and is going to include a free stove thermometer with each stove for the delay. Sorry for the delay! I’ll update as soon as I know more!


11/5/15 Pip’s should be ready to ship by 11/23.


11/23/15 Update from Mark, “Pip’s will be touching down at the end of the wk. I’ll have them ready for pickup asap!”


12/2/15 Update from Shipping Agent with the following details:


The shipment is booked for collection on Friday 04.12.2015 0900-1600, vessel details are below:
ETD: 14.12.2015
ETA: 19.01.2016


We really appreciate your patience and understanding as we are learning international trade. Seems when dealing abroad everything happens on a different (much slower) time table! I wish I could fast-forward the process and I’m sorry that it has taken so long! I’ll be including some fire-starters in addition to the stove thermometers with each stove. I’ll update you as soon as I know more!


12/14/15Update from Shipping Agent with the following details:


The steamship line at origin needed more information on your shipment for customs that they couldn’t meet the original vessel schedule. Everything is in order now and the revised vessel schedule is below.

ETD: 21.12.2015
ETA: 26.01.2016


1/21/15 Update from Shipping Agent with the following details:


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 6.56.11 PM


So our shipment landed in Los Angeles, CA 1/20 and departed for Seattle, WA 1/22 with a ETA of 2/4/16. Once in Seattle it will take 2-3 days to off load the cargo then another 2-3 days to for the freight to get to us. We will ship to you ASAP!