4” Small Stove Pipe Installation Kit

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It can be a challenge to source solid-fuel flue pipe in diameters less than 5″. Stove like the Salamander Hobbit have a 4″ flue flange and one of the only products you can get to fit this size is pellet pipe – which is not rated for solid fuel and less than ideal. Our flue kit is made of high quality 304 Stainless-Steel and can withstand the high temps of your stove.

Whether you want to fit your Pipsqueak in an RV, camper van, bus or tiny house this kit covers all the essentials.


The kit comes with the following parts:


4″ Stainless Steel Single Wall Telescoping Pipe (Range 9″ – 15″)

4” Single Wall to Double Wall Coupler x 2

4” Stainless Steel Double Wall Insulated Pipe 20” x 1

Stainless Roof Mounting L-Brackets x 1set

4″ Stainless Steel Roof Vent

4″ Single Wall Pipe Clamps x 2

4″ Double Wall Pipe Clamps x 2

High Temp Silicone Pipe Boot


Note: Since every installation is a little bit different you may need additional single-wall or double-wall pipe to complete your installation. Simply measure the distance from your stoves flue flange to where the pipe will exit the roof then subtract 20″. This is the amount of single wall pipe you will need. The telescoping single wall pipe included in the kit allows for easy installation by stretching or shrinking the pipe to connect the stove to the flue pipe.


This kit will put the roof vent approximately 20″ above where it exits the roof. You will need additional insulated pipe if you would like to extend higher than 20″. Insulated pipe is recommended for use outside the structure to keep flue gases hot. If you only need another 20″ of length a single-wall pipe may work but for longer runs insulated pipe is recommended.


Typically you want your roof vent to be above your roof line so wind gusts do not come over the top of your roof then down the vent pipe. Keeping your vent above the roof line helps prevent backdrafts.


Retail Price of Parts Included in Kit $350  Save over 20% by purchasing the kit!


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