5” VENTIS TINY HOUSE Small Stove – Wall Exit Bundle


Use our Ventis parts for installations that require UL Listed Class A chimney pipe.

For some installations, a wall exit makes the most sense. This kit comes with the parts necessary to exit through your wall. You will need additional double-wall insulated pipe to complete your installation, and you might need some single-wall pipe for inside your space depending on your configuration.

5” VENTIS Stainless-Steel Roof Vent

5" VENTIS Wall Thimble with Universal Adapter

5" VENTIS Wall Support Kit

5" VENTIS Tee Support Kit

5" VENTIS Chimney Pipe


5" VENTIS Insulated Exit Tee and Cap

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While pellet pipe will fit your stove it’s not made for the high heat of solid fuel. Pellet pipe is only rated to 570 degrees constant and 1700 degrees intermittent while solid fuel pipe is rated to 1200 degrees constant and 2100 intermittent. Pellet pipe also uses an exterior layer of galvanized pipe that can off gas with high heat.


We have taken the guess work out of small stove installations and sourced and pieced together complete kits with components that are rated for the high heat of wood burning stoves and designed to work with your space.


The TINY HOUSE Wall Exit Kit comes with the following parts:


  • 12” Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Pipe (2″ Clearance from combustibles)
  • Wall Thimble (For exiting through the wall)
  • Tee Support Bracket (For supporting the weight of the chimney pipe)
  • Tee with Cap (For making the horizontal pipe transition to the vertical)
  • Wall Strap (For securing the chimney pipe to the wall)
  • Roof Vent / Cap (Covers the top of the insulated pipe)
  • Universal Adapter (Connects insulated pipe to single wall stove pipe)


Note: Since every installation is a little bit different you will need additional single wall pipe and additional double-wall pipe to complete your installation. The kits components gets you everything you need to exit the wall minus the single-wall runs of pipe inside the structure and the double wall insulated runs of pipe outside the structure.  This kit works best with our snap-lock single wall pipe.


If you need assistance with calculating how much pipe you need contact us with your plans and the dimension of your space.

5" VENTIS Chimney Pipe


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