Are you at least 16 years of age and looking for flexible work that fits your busy schedule, gives you valuable hands-on business experience, and pays well? If you’re a hungry, humble, and smart young person then our Spark Mentorship Program may be perfect for you!

SPARK - Sparks are interests or passions that light a fire in a person’s life. Spark expresses the core of who a person is and how they want to engage with the world. Sparks bring joy & hope.

MENTORING - Advise or Train. For what? Future life! Work, relationships, finances, career, etc.

I'm Nick Peterson, the owner of Tiny Wood Stove and Throne Composting Toilets.  In high school, I participated in a work-study program. It was terrible. Businesses partnered with the school for cheap labor. Through this experience, I developed a valuable work ethic, but I missed the opportunity to learn so much more. The Spark program was born out of the desire to invest in young people and provide the opportunity I wish I had. This program provides:

  • Meaningful Work & Attractive Pay
    • $16-22/hr
  • Flexible Work Schedule great for busy High-School / College Students
    • Slow Season (Jan-Jun) - 8-12hrs/wk
    • Busy Season (July-Dec) - 16-24hrs/wk
  • Valuable Work Experiences & Skills
    • Responsibility
    • Good Work Ethic
    • Team Work
    • Team Communication & Feedback
    • Business Technology: Slack, G-Suite, Streak CRM, WordPress, WooCommerce
  • Core Personal & Professional Development
    • Personal Finance - SmartDollar/Financial Peace
    • Culture of Feedback - Team Health, Professional Communication & Feedback
    • Lunch & Learning Sessions
    • Personal Development Book Club
    • Training / LinkedIn Learning Courses
  • Real-World Business Learning
    • Business Finance - Profit First
    • Business Management - Traction/EOS
    • Manufacturing
    • Sales / Customer Support
    • Marketing / Social Media
    • Writing / Copy Editing
    • Video / Photography
    • Leadership / Management
  • Other Benefits
    • Bonusly Peer-to-Peer Recognition Program
    • Paid Time Off
    • Future Growth Opportunities
    • Employee Discounts on Products
  • THE COMPANY - Tiny Wood Stove is a small business serving the Tiny Living community with wood stoves, chimney parts, accessories, and people to back it up. We’re passionate about simple, intentional living, and we spend our time supporting people who are building tiny, mobile, and unconventional living spaces. Have you seen those Tiny House shows on HGTV, and people building their homes out of old-school buses or vans on Instagram? Those are our people!
  • CORE VALUES - Tiny Wood Stove (Tiny Supply Co) exists to SERVE our customers and employees. We serve our customers by providing valuable products, information, and support. We serve our employees by providing meaningful work that affords time and resources for living their dreams. We are passionate about the freedom that Tiny Living provides and helping our customers & employees on their freedom journey gives us deep PURPOSE. We are DRIVEN to work hard, learn and grow. We are OPEN to new ideas and feedback. We are light-hearted and have FUN at work and play. We strive for work/life balance and we reach for our dreams.
  • THE JOB - Spark Team members' "day job" is to support the Ops Manager & Ops Team Lead with product intake, inventory counts, stocking shelves, and picking & packing of orders.  Candidates must be at least 16 yrs old and need to be able to lift 50 lbs safely and move packages up to 150 lbs with the use of a hand truck or floor jack. Alongside Ops duties, Spark Team members will engage in Personal & Professional Development guided by their peers and the Tiny Wood Stove leadership team.
    • Must be at least 16 years old
    • Must be able to reliably commute to warehouse location (Hayden, ID 83835)
    • Must be able to safely lift 50 lbs.

Interested in joining the SPARK mentorship program?  Fill out the form below.


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