When we first decided to install a stove in our Airstream we really struggled to find information. We had many questions and were left to learn by the fire. So we created the guide we wish we had!

If you’re considering a stove for your space download our free guide! This short guide gives you all the info you need to decide if a stove is right for you. We cover: pros/cons, sizing, options on the market, installation, safety, operation and much more!

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Is Wood Heat Right for Me?

Considering a wood stove, but not sure whether wood heat will work for your lifestyle?  Read about the advantages and disadvantages of heating your home with a wood stove.

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Are wood stoves safe?

Using wood heat in your home comes with certain potential hazards. Follow these guidelines for safe use.

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Wood Stove Installation

Learn about how to install a small wood stove in a tiny space.

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Fuel for Tiny Stoves

What’s the best fuel to use in your tiny stove, and where to get it.

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Wood vs. Propane for Small Spaces

Is wood or gas heat better for your space?  See what makes most sense for your situation.

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How do I choose a stove size?

A properly sized stove for your space will be warm and efficient. Learn what size stove you need for your tiny space.

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Fire Starting

How to start and maintain an efficient fire in your small wood stove

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Wood Stove Maintenance

Learn about the long-term maintenance needs for a small wood stove

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