SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Salamander – The Hobbit

SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Salamander – The Hobbit

Salamander stoves out of the UK make beautiful cast iron multi-fuel stoves for a variety of small spaces. The hobbit is a miniature version of large full-size cast stoves and is perfect for small spaces. Of all the small wood stoves – I like the look of the Hobbit the best. While these stoves are made in the UK they can be imported.

Price: $1025

BTU: 13650 (4kw) How many BTU’s do you need?

Dimensions: H18” x W12” x D11” (465mm x 302mm x 272mm)

Weight: 110lbs

Material: Cast Iron

Fuels: Wood & Coal

Pipe Diameter: 4” (100mm)

EPA Certified? Has UK Based Certifications

Notes: You can optionally get 1 or 2 colors for these small stoves and it looks like they have lots of color combinations. One SWEET feature in the Hobbit is an optional boiler ($150). The boiler is a stainless steel bladder that sits inside the fire box that can be used to heat water and an optional radiator for more efficient heating.






If you are considering a Hobbit and live in the US or Canada there is a brand new North American Dealer for quicker turnaround time, cheaper shipping and great customer service! A website is in the works but you can contact them directly at:


Contact Teresa at Alaska Masonry Heat and tell them Nick at sent you!


If you live outside North America you can order the stove directly from the Salamander Website.




The Pipsqueak – Update: Currently Out of Production



Salamander Stove for Off-Grid Airstream

Tiny House Builder that Installed a Hobbit

Image Gallery of the Hobbit installed in a Travel Trailer


If you have any experience with this stove please put your feedback below!

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