for tiny and mobile spaces

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" There are so many reasons we enjoy the stove, from keeping us warm in incredibly cold climates, to drying all our snow gear in a matter of half an hour to re-heating my coffee on cold mornings and cuddling to a fire at night."

" We love the ability to move our home to new locations in ideal temperatures, and the closeness it has cultivated for our family is the greatest part"

"We tell people that it was the best decision we made in our bus"


"Setting up the stove with a friend was a piece of angel food cake"


"The Dwarf Stove works like a charm and heats my tiny home quickly and efficiently."


"I loved the practicality of the stove. It's small, robust and easy to use."

"Anyone who came into our Airstream commented on how it felt like a home with the wood stove."


"We love the idea of being able to pick up our home and move wherever we want or need to go."


"A warm flickering fire makes our space feel like home no matter where we are parked."


"We have a craving for beauty and adventure and freedom—and if you're not loaded, you have to find creative ways of pulling that off."


"We wanted our next step to be something of our own, unattached to any one location or schedule ..."


"We do life outside."



"In a very expensive part of the world, this lifestyle has afforded us financial freedom—the ability to live debt free."


"There is a sense of home that comes with having a wood stove in your living space."



"Hey, I could do that!"



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