Tiny House Big Living S6E9 – “Tiny Tech Compound”

If you haven’t seen the mobile tiny spaces built by Cubist Engineering you’re in for a treat!

Mike and his crew are at the cutting edge of custom tiny house design and materials. They pride themselves on their progressive approach to building the most solid structures, elegant aesthetics, and supreme functionality...complete with a drop-down ceiling bed!  These are NOT prefab designs. Each house, office, cabin, or retreat is specifically engineered for the individual customer…down to the type of material used in the floors and walls.

We are proud to have our Dwarf 4kw stove in one of their recent builds featured on HGTV’s Tiny House, Big Living. Click here to view their episode titled “Tiny Tech Compound."  Mike reflects on the Dwarf below:

Can you tell us about this build?

“The Adirondack is a 12x8 backyard escape, with a hidden single bed, a loveseat, TV and of course the Tiny Wood Stove.” View the Adirondack here.

How did you decide on the Dwarf stove?

“For such a small space, we needed something that wouldn't take up a lot of room but also wouldn't overheat the space. We also wanted something with a nice aesthetic to match the rest of the rustic modern design. The Dwarf stove was the best solution.”

How difficult was the installation?

“Very simple. I think it took us half a day, and Tiny Wood Stove was extremely helpful in figuring out our chimney parts.”

How has your experience been using the Dwarf so far?

“Great! It works so well and looks gorgeous.”

Click here to read more about how Cubist Engineering is pushing the boundaries on tiny house design.

At tinywoodstove.com, we are excited to watch the tiny house movement grow, and more importantly, watch people enjoy living their best life now!

Interested in a small stove for your tiny space?  Contact us on the form below and we can help you sort through all the details in getting the perfect stove and installation configuration for your unique space!


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