Tiny Wood Stove Resources

Please excuse our dust as this guide is under construction.  We'll be updating this page with new resources over the next few months.  If you have any questions about your install, please shoot us an email at support@tinywoodstove.com.

This page is an index of resources to help you move forward with your tiny living project, no matter what stage you're on.  No guide could ever replace personal service from someone who has seen it all, so feel free to drop us an email at support@tinywoodstove.com with any questions you have along the way.

Planning Your Wood Stove Project

How soon should I start my wood stove project?
How to budget for a wood stove project. (In Progress)

How to choose a heat source for a small space

Is wood heat right for me?
Radiant vs. Convection Heaters
Small Space Moisture Management
Preparing for Emergencies with a Wood Stove

Wood vs. Propane Heat

Wood vs. Propane Heat
How much water does burning propane produce?
Wood vs. Propane Cost
Small Propane Fireplaces

Wood vs. Electric Heat

(In progress).

Wood Stove Safety

Are wood stoves safe?

Heating a Tiny Space with a Wood Stove

Getting Started with a New Tiny Wood Stove

First Fire/Cure (in progress)
Learning your air controls (in progress)
Starting and Managing a Fire
Getting the longest possible burn time from a small wood stove
Cooking on a wood stove (in progress)

Fuel for a Small Wood Stoves

Fuel for Tiny Stoves
Cutting and Splitting Wood (in progress)

Wood Stove Maintenance

Wood Stove Maintenance

Wood Stove Troubleshooting

(In Progress)

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