We want to answer any questions you have! Please browse the FAQ below and If you still have a question then send us an email using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll do our best to get back to you in 24hrs.


How much is shipping?

Shipping is included in the price of the product. Shipping does not cost anything on top of the price for all our products to the lower 48 US States. If you are outside this area contact us and we can give you a shipping quote.

What size stove do I need for my space?

There are a number of variables to sizing a stove to your space such as:

How insulated is your space? (Very well insulated spaces require much less heat to maintain a comfortable temp.)

Will the stove be your sole source of heat? (If the stove is acting as your sole source of heat you will want to make sure its properly fitted to the space. If its merely supplemental or just to add to the ambience then it may work in much larger spaces.)

What is the climate you live in? How warm do you want your space to be? (If you live in a very cold climate and want to maintain a very warm inside temp it will require more heat)

What type of wood will you be burning? (Different types of wood affect the amount of heat energy that can be released.)

Here is a simple calculator that is a good starting point to determine the size of stove you need: BTU CALCULATOR

Where can I source 3 inch and 4 inch stove pipe?

We carry a full line of chimney / flue parts in 3inch and 4inch diameters! These parts are made of high quality 304 Stainless-Steel and unlike pellet pipe do not have a galvanized exterior layer. These parts are perfect for venting small stoves like: The Hobbit, Pipsqueak, Cubic-Mini, Kimberly and Navigator small wood stoves.

Buyer beware when buying other small diameter pipes available at your local hardware store. Direct-Vent, Class-B and other similar pipes are not rated for the high-temps of solid fuel and should not be used. If pipe you are considering uses galvanized — STAY AWAY! The chemical process to weather proof the pipe releases harmful toxin when heated to certain temperatures.



You have 30 calendar days to return an item from the date you received it.

To be eligible for a return your item must be unused and in the same condition you received it.

Customer is responsible for return shipping.

Returned items are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Once the item has been returned and inspected we will notify you of the status of your refund.


We ship to Canada and beyond though wood stoves and parts are heavy and airfreight is expensive. Contact us with the product you are interested in and your postal code and we can get you the exact shipping cost.

Canada Customers: Our shopping cart is set to $50 by default. Actual shipping cost may be more (or less) depending on where you are located. For example most orders shipped to BC cost $50 or less while shipping to Ontario or Quebec generally cost more. Please contact us for an exact shipping price or checkout and we will contact you if freight cost more than the default $50.

If you are ready to make a purchase email us with your order and we’ll send you an invoice. All international shipments are subject to customs duties and fees, which are not included in your shipping cost, and will be billed separately. International shipments typically sent via UPS. All prices and shipping cost are in US Dollar.


We ship to Alaska & Hawaii but because of the added cost this is not included in the price. Depending on the product shipping can range from $30 up to $50. Contact us with the product you’re interested in and your postal code and we can get you exact rates.


Due to the high-demand for our products we run out of stock fast. While we are working to speed our supply chain and order larger quantities of inventory some of our products may be on backorder.

If you’d like to ensure the quickest delivery of a product you can purchase an item on backorder but we require 100% payment upfront. When we get inventory back in-stock the customers who purchased on backorder will be served first.

You are welcome to wait until we have products in-stock to make your purchase but there are no guarantees if we will have any products available


Shipping is not included with international (outside the lower 48 US States) customers. The first step in placing your order is to get a shipping quote. Contact us with the products you are interested in and your postal code and we will get you the shipping cost.

Our shopping cart is setup to add a $50 flat rate shipping fee for Canadian orders. This may cover the added shipping fees and it may not. Some places in Canada (like BC) it doesn’t cost any extra to ship to.

If you are ready to order email us with the products you’d like to purchase then we’ll send you an invoice via email to complete your purchase.

All international shipments are subject to customs duties and fees. International shipments typically sent via UPS or FEDEX. All prices and shipping cost are in the US Dollar (USD).


If you haven’t already browse the questions above to see if your questions is answered there. We are a small family business and are often overwhelmed by emails. This helps us streamline our correspondence and respond to your specific questions faster. If you can’t find your answer above send us an email – we’ll do our best to get back to you in 24hrs!



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