Hello! My name is Nick and my family and I live work and travel full-time in our tiny home , a 1966 Airstream Travel Trailer. We chose to downsize our life to make time and space for what truly matters. (You can learn more of our story at: LivinLightly.com).

As we evaluated our housing needs we decided on a RV. Family is scattered across the states and it’s important for us to see family (more than a long weekend during the holidays). As we began looking at RV’s we fell in love with the look and quality of Airstream’s. Ultimately our goal was to be entirely off-grid and self contained. We began exploring all the various options for power, heating and cooling.

The majority of heat sources in RV’s is propane. With the downsides of propane as a heat source (cost, condensation & potential leaks) we decided on wood heat. As we looked at the different options for our tiny house it was a challenge to find the best solution. After spending months surfing the internet for different options we decided to create Tiny Wood Stove to be a resource for other people that are looking for affordable, sustainable wood heat – for tiny spaces.

Our business has quickly grown and we now offer our own line of small wood stoves plus stock a wide variety of installation parts and accessories. We are passionate about small space living and excited to help you with a wood stove for your tiny space!

Nick Peterson


NICK - Founder

While awaiting the arrival of our daughter in 2011 we decided to make some major life changes to have more time, energy and resources for what matters to us most. This meant selling the majority of our possessions, moving into a 1966 Airstream travel trailer and pursuing our passions. We have recently settled down in North Idaho and are passionate about simple, tiny living on our off-grid homestead. Nick loves rock climbing, mountain biking, permaculture and connecting kids with nature.

CLAYTON - Chief Storyteller

In January 2016 my wife and I built a tiny house dubbed the “Ohana House” as featured in season 3 of Tiny House Nation.  We’re a family of four living tiny – Hawaiian style – in our 400 square ft home in the foothills of the Oregon coast range.  Hobbies include playing music, cooking, surfing, running, and hiking (all with the kids of course).

DAN - Customer Success Coach

Living the digital nomad life with my wife Leanne, and dogs Luna and Bailey in a renovated 1974 Airstream.  We sold our houses and most of our stuff so we could be free to explore the country and pursue our passions.  When I’m not working, you’re most likely to find me hiking, manning the barbeque, sampling local cuisine, or foraging for wild edible foods.