The Peterson Family
The Peterson Family

Hello! My name is Nick and in 2011 my wife and I decided to make some major life changes while awaiting the arrival of our daughter. Our goal was to have more time, energy and resources for what matters most - our growing family. This led us to sell the majority of our possessions and move into a 1966 Airstream travel trailer. For the next 4yrs we lived and traveled in the Airstream.

As we evaluated our housing needs we decided on a RV. Family is scattered across the states and it's important for us to see family (more than a long weekend during the holidays). As we began looking at RV’s we fell in love with the look and quality of Airstream’s. Ultimately our goal was to be entirely off-grid and self contained. We began exploring all the various options for power, heating and cooling.

The majority of heat sources in RV’s is propane. With the downsides of propane as a heat source (cost, condensation & potential leaks) we decided on wood heat. As we looked at the different options for our tiny house it was a challenge to find the best solution. After spending months surfing the internet for different options we decided to create Tiny Wood Stove to be a resource for other people that are looking for affordable, sustainable wood heat - for tiny spaces.

Our business has quickly grown and we now offer our own line of small wood stoves plus stock a wide variety of installation parts and accessories. Since starting this business in 2015 we sold the Airstream and built a Tiny House on 5-acres in North Idaho. We are passionate about small space living and excited to help you with a wood stove for your tiny space!

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NICK - Visionary & Ops Manager

The Peterson family has recently settled down in North Idaho to live simply in their tiny off-grid homestead. Nick loves entrepreneurship,
rock climbing, mountain biking, permaculture and connecting kids with nature. While the Petersons no longer dwell in an Airstream they still live Tiny and have plans for a road-school van for extended family adventures in the near future.


JULIA - Chief Storyteller

Julia has been traveling full-time with her husband, two kids and their dog for almost five years (and counting). They’ve traveled most of the US from East to West and are currently living in a self-renovated 1966 Streamline Duke. You’ll find her hiking (preferably mountain-) trails when she has the time, carrying around her old trusty camera (and probably a kid, too).


CODY - Customer Success Coach

Cody & Randi built their 20 ft. tiny house in 2015 and traveled around the United States and Canada before settling down in Central Oregon.  They currently live in their off-grid tiny home on a small organic vegetable farm where Cody works part-time tending veggies and bees and Randi is a family therapist and professor of counseling.  When not working, you can find them backpacking, fly fishing or bouncing down a dirt road in their van. 


ELIZABETH - Sales & Marketing

Elizabeth lives and travels full time with her husband and two girls in their self converted school bus.  She and her family are seeking adventure all over North America through rock climbing, backpacking, and other outdoor pursuits.


DAN - Integrator & General Mgr

Living the digital nomad life with his wife, child, and two dogs in a renovated 1974 Airstream.  Dan and Leanne sold their houses and most of their stuff so they could be free to explore the country, live off-grid, and pursue their passions.  When he's not working, you’re most likely to find Dan in the woods somewhere, hiking and collecting wild edible plants (and garbage).


Tiny Living Community

We're tiny living people like you, working to live intentionally and to support others doing the same.  We care about your journey, and can relate to the challenges you're running into along the way.

Personal Support

Building or converting a small space is not an easy project!  But you're not alone.  Whether you're using our products or not, we'll offer whatever help we can to help make your tiny living dreams a reality.

The Right Materials

We carry wood stoves and solid fuel rated flue parts that are specifically designed for small stoves.  We're familiar with the unique challenges of building bus conversions, and we carry specialized parts to support compact and mobile installs.

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