Floo the Parts Selector Robot

Hi! My name is Floo, and I’m here to help you choose the parts you need for your tiny stove install.

I’m still in beta, so please double-check your results before purchasing.

List of issues we're working to fix:

  • Floo doesn't currently specify extra clamps.  You'll need to secure every joint with either a clamp, or with three stovepipe screws.  I recommend getting a matching clamp for every piece of pipe you order in addition to the kit. 
  • The "add to cart" functionality for 5" insulated pipe is broken.  If you size a 5" flue system and hit the "add to cart button," any extra pieces of 5" insulated pipe not included in the kit will not show up in your cart.  You'll need to add those pieces manually from the store.  They show up in your results as "SSDW," i.e. stainless steel double-wall. Fixed 7/1/19