Floo the Parts Selector Robot

Hi! My name is Floo, and I’m here to help you choose the parts you need for your tiny stove install.

I’m still in beta, so please double-check your results before purchasing.

List of current issues we'll fix in Floo 2.0:

  • Floo doesn't currently specify extra clamps.  You'll need to secure every joint with either a clamp, or with three stovepipe screws.  I recommend getting a matching clamp for every piece of pipe you order in addition to the kit. 
  • New 3kW LITE uses 4" flue parts (top exit only) instead of 3" like the legacy 3kW LITE.  Working on updating the calculator to reflect this.

If you are designing a flue system for a new Dwarf 3kW LITE, please use the 3kW Standard button and select "top exit."  We're working on updating the calculator to reflect the new LITE design.  The new 3kW LITE uses 4" flue parts.  If you select 3kW LITE now, it'll give you 3" parts to match the old version of the LITE stove.

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