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We run out of stock quickly!

We are a small business and are working hard to support the growing tiny living and off-grid movement and overcome inventory and shipping challenges beyond our control. Hopefully, we can have everything you need stocked in our warehouse in Idaho soon, but in the meantime, please forgive any long lead times.

If you need an item that is sold out, you can purchase it on backorder. When a shipment arrives, backorders are fulfilled first in the order that they were received. Any inventory remaining after backorders are fulfilled becomes our "in stock" inventory. When a shipment sells out, we'll start taking orders for the following shipment.

When you place a backorder, you pay for the order in advance to reserve your items. We'll keep you posted with your estimated shipping schedule as your ship date approaches.

Entire shipments sometimes sell out before they arrive, so if your project is on a schedule, don't wait for the items you need to be "in stock."  Order early!

Shipment Summary

Updated 11/30/23

Parts2023B: ETA December 2023
Heat Shield B: Arrived, shipping 12/4-12/7
Stoves2023C: ETA March 2024
Parts2023C: ETA March 2024


Detailed Shipment Info Here

The Current Shipping Climate

These last couple of years have been challenging for all of us and required continuous adjustment to changing conditions.  Since COVID began, you’ve likely experienced shipping delays, product shortages, and difficulty accessing the things you need.

Our business is not immune to the major challenges of manufacturing demand exceeding capacity, container shortages, and backed-up ports that are causing delays all over the world. In the past 3 years, we've seen our lead time for most of our products increase to six months or more, and our shipping cost nearly tripled. As of 2023, we have seen lead times begin to decrease and manufacturing timelines have more accurate estimates (most of the time). While there are still challenges and delays, we are encouraged by the improvements we've seen in the last year.

Our Promise to You

  • If you have a backorder with us, we promise to update you regularly with the best information we have available. While we can't control all aspects of our supply chain, we can make sure you have the most up-to-date information to plan your project.
  • You can check this page for dated updates posted as frequently as we have new information.  We will also keep you informed with emails at least monthly, or whenever something changes. If you ever want to check in between updates, feel free to drop us a line at support@tinywoodstove.com.
  • We care about your project and want to get you cozy and self-sufficient. We will do everything we can to make sure your needs are met.

Thank you for choosing to work with our team and don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

When will my order arrive?

This is the most recent information we have on each of our backorder shipments. If you don't know which backorder your items are on, check the confirmation email we sent after you placed your order. Our team will have given you an estimated delivery time as well as let you know which backorders your items are on.

These dates are estimates of when your items will arrive at our shop in Hayden, Idaho.  Depending on how big of a backlog we have, it can take our crew a few weeks to assemble and ship all the backorders in the order that they were received.

This information was last updated on 11/30/23 at 8:56 am PST by Elizabeth

  • Shipment Parts2023B: Chimney parts and stovepipe
    This order is in transit. ETA to our warehouse is December 2023.
  • Shipment HeatShield2023B: Stove heat shields
    This order has arrived at our warehouse and will begin shipping on 12/4. All backorders are expected to be shipped out by 12/7.
  • Shipment Stoves2023C: ETA March 2024
    This order is in production. ETA to our warehouse is March 2024.
  • Shipment Parts2023C: Chimney parts and stovepipe
    This order is in production. ETA to our warehouse is March 2024.


Since starting Tiny Wood Stove in 2015, we've fulfilled thousands of backorders. Some of them have arrived a bit later than expected, but everyone has always gotten their stuff. There have been hiccups along the way including freight companies going bankrupt while carrying our inventory, protests against a freight company blocking a port, and a global pandemic shaking up supply chains. While we're continuing to expand and warehouse more inventory, the tiny living movement is growing at least as fast as we are, so demand is still exceeding our capacity.

Why do you take orders for products that you don't have yet?

We're a small family-owned company with limited capacity, so it can be difficult to keep up with the demand of the fast-growing tiny living community. Since our products take a long time to manufacture and ship, and people have deadlines for their projects, we take preorders to allow our customers to reserve the supplies they need in advance. If you're willing to put the money down to buy your stove and/or flue parts now, we'll serve you first.

If you would rather wait until we have the products on hand, that's totally fine. Just know that shipments sometimes sell out prior to arriving at our shop, so it's possible you could be waiting a long time.

What if I want to cancel before my order ships?

Absolutely fine! We understand that sometimes plans change, or maybe a shipment delay will no longer work with your schedule. You can cancel all or part of your order for a full refund at any time before it ships. Just send us an email to support@tinywoodstove.com and let us know, allowing us at least two business days to complete your cancellation.

What if something happens to the shipment in transit?

While the likelihood of anything catastrophic happening to cargo in transit is very low, our shipments are insured. If the ship were to sink or the container fell into the ocean, we'd still be able to provide refunds or order replacements. Delays are fairly common, though, so we'll keep you posted if the ETA changes.

Only part of my order is backordered.  Can you ship the in-stock parts separately?

Yes! By default, we hold shipments of a given type until we can ship complete, but we are happy to send items as soon as they're ready if you request it. Larger items like stoves and wood storage stands ship separately in a crate, so those items will ship as soon as they're ready. But smaller items like flue parts will come in a single shipment unless you ask us to split it up.

Can you hold my entire order until the backordered items arrive?

Yes! By default, we'll ship larger items like stoves and wood storage stands separately as soon as they're ready. If you'd like us to hold your order until we can ship everything at once, just let us know.

Is there any chance to get my backordered parts earlier?

We try to give conservative estimates, so shipments sometimes arrive earlier than expected. If that's the case, we'll be sure to let you know ahead of time. Otherwise, if we have a return or a cancellation for an item that's sold out, we'll make it available to whoever is first on the backorder list.

Other Questions?

Please send us an email to support@tinywoodstove.com and we'll be happy to help personally.

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