5 Wood Stove Secrets to Keep You Warm & Cozy

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Is wood heat going to cut it for your space and help you become more independent and self-sufficient? Feeling trapped by propane and the electrical grid but you don't know how to select the right wood stove for your needs? Download our FREE eBook teaching you what the pros know about increasing wood stove efficiency and getting the most heat from your small wood stove.

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With a wide array of sizes, prices, and features, it can be difficult to know if you are selecting the right small wood stove for your heating needs. A stove might be affordable and look sturdy, but leak air like a sieve and cook you out of your space. Another model might look cute but isn’t capable of keeping your space warm. Efficiency is a key component to a good wood stove, which burns hot and clean, and gives you the control to slow down the burn as needed. In our FREE eBook, we reveal which performance features are the most important to look for as you shop for an efficient wood stove.

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