Shipping January, 2017. Limited Quantities Available!

The Dwarf small wood stoves are designed specifically for small spaces like: Tiny Houses, cabins, cottages, RV’s, tents and boats. The Dwarf is a quality little stove with robust features and (3) different sizes / outputs to meet your small space heating needs.

Unlike other small wood stoves on the market our heaters are made to be used for off-grid use with features including:

  • Airtight Construction
  • Three Air Supplies for an Efficent Burn
  • Mechanical Riddling Grate & Ash Pan
  • Top or Rear Flue Exit


A.  Top or rear flue outlet. Exit out the top for narrow installations or exit out the back to use the entire top for a cooking surface.

B. Efficient clean-burn technology with primary and secondary combustion plus air-wash for soot free glass.

C. Durable cast iron door and interior firebox components with large viewing window. Cast iron retains heat well and lasts a lifetime!

D. Stove burns wood, compressed logs and coal. Comes with coal bar and is ready to burn coal out of the box – no added parts needed.

E. Mechanical riddling grate and removable ash pan makes clean up easy and mess free.

F. Durable steel body construction uses 6mm & 8mm heavy-duty steel plate.

G. Many custom upgrades like tall cast iron legs, wood storage stand and top baking oven (5kw only).


Only $795 (*Includes Shipping!)



Only $895 (*Includes Shipping!)



Only $995 (*Includes Shipping!)


*No extra shipping fees applies only to the lower 48 US continental states. If you are outside this area contact us for a shipping quote. Be sure to include your mailing address + postal code.


Why is the 3kw not currently available for purchase?

To launch each model it costs several thousand dollars to pay for molds and tooling. We initially only launched the 5kw and 4kw because we were limited on cash. We are a small family business and we don’t believe in debt so we’ll continue to boot-strap until we have the cash to launch the 3kw. We hope to have this model available by the New Year, 2017.

If you are interested in this stove email us to see how you can get a discount and help bring it to market!

When will the baking oven and water boiler options be available?

We hope to have the baking oven available around the New Year, 2017 and the hot water option to soon follow. Once the accessories are available they will be added to our product page. Our stoves use a very modular design so future accessories can be added easily in the future.

Who designed the stove(s)?

The base stove (the 5kw) is an existing tried-and-true design that is sold in the European market. We worked with the engineer at the manufacturer to scale the stove for the two smaller models then added a few other features (direct air, baking oven & stand etc).

Where are the stoves made?

The stoves components are manufactured in China then we assemble them at our shop in North Idaho. After much searching we couldn’t find an affordable manufactrerer in the US. We were very hesitant about looking abroad but are very pleased with the quality of the Dwarf components. (Remember Apple products are made in China.)

One goal in offering this stove line is affordability. Sourcing an international manufactrerer allows us to affordably get started and offer a competitive price point. As we grow our business we would eventually love to do everything in-house in the USA.

I am proud of the products we offer and stand behind their quality.


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