Dwarf 5kw Cookstove Combo


We are excited to offer the Dwarf Cookstove! This combo includes the Dwarf 5kw stove and top baking oven for the off-grid heating, cooking, and baking, and is designed specifically for tiny spaces!  Pans and thermometer are not included.

Ovens are easily retrofitted to the Dwarf 5kW stove.  If you already have a Dwarf 5kW stove, you can purchase a separate oven here.

Please Note: Our remaining stock of Dwarf ovens has an old style non-spring handle that doesn’t match the stove.  If you order an oven or a Cookstove Combo today, it will ship with a non-matching handle, and we will send a replacement handle when the new shipment arrives toward the end of the year.

SMALL STOVE: The Dwarf 5kw

In stock (can be backordered)

Dwarf 5kw Top Baking Oven

In stock (can be backordered)

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After launching the Dwarf line, we knew we wanted to add the functionality of a baking oven. We are building our own off-grid homestead and a cookstove is the heart of an off-gird home! The oven was designed to be easily retrofitted to the 5kw and bolts to the top flue exit. The flue gases travel around the oven chamber then exit the top of the baking oven.

We are excited to heat, cook and bake with the Dwarf 5kw Cookstove!



  • Cast Door & Firebox for Durability & Heat Retention
  • Large Window for Monitoring & Enjoying the Fire
  • Riddling Grate & Ash Pan for Easy Cleanup
  • Full Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Air-Control
  • Add-on features: Tall Legs, Wood Storage Stand & Direct-Air
  • NEW Spring Handle


  • Stainless Steel Interior Liner
  • 8″ x 11″ Baking Area + 2 Shelves
  • Cast Iron Door with Large Window for Monitoring Baked Goods
  • Cast Iron Top Cooking Surface
  • Oval Flue Exit for more Cooktop Surface Area
  • Baffle Switch for Easier Cold Starts
  • Stainless Steel Oven Chamber with Wire Rack
  • Removable Oven Chamber and Stove Top for Maintenance Access
  • NEW Spring Handle



Dimensions:H38” x W14” x D11”
Heat Output:5kw How many BTU’s do you need?
Weight:Stove 150lbs + Oven 75lbs
Flue Diameter:5”
Material:Steel & Cast Iron
Fuels:Wood & Coal
EPA Cert?None



The Dwarf gives you complete control over primary, secondary and tertiary air supplies. The primary and secondary air supplies are controlled by the levers below the stove door, and the tertiary air wash is controlled by a slide valve above the stove door.



The firebox of the Dwarf is made of durable cast iron and fire brick. Cast iron is very durable with for continuous use, and the fire bricks reflect heat back into the firebox for a more efficient burn.



The bottom of the firebox is a cast iron grate with a mechanical lever (located lower left of door) that engages the floor of the grate sifting out ash from the firebox. This handy feature is a must for coal and super handy for quickly and efficiently cleaning out the firebox. Below the grate is a removable ash pan that catches ash for easy disposal.



400mm/16” sides, 450mm/18” rear.  You can reduce required clearances by up to 2/3 with a properly designed heat shield.



The Dwarf can safely burn: burn wood, coal or compressed logs.



The sturdy body is made of thick 3/16″ – 5/16th Steel Plate.



The 5” flue out exits from the top of the oven, and is an oval shape to maximize the available top cooking surface.  A length of 5″ single-wall pipe is included to adapt from the oval flue flange to a standard 5″ round flue system.



The Dwarf Cookstove Combo is compatible with the Direct Air kit.  Tall Legs and the 5kW Wood Storage stand will also fit, but the standard legs may be best if you’re planning to cook on the top surface of the oven frequently.  Future accessories planned for the 5kW stove and Cookstove Combo include a water boiler attachment, and factory heat shields.


NOTE: This stove is not intended for residential heating. It is currently uncertified and only offered for recreational use.  For optimal performance, we recommend a minimum of 80″ of vertical chimney height when using the Cookstove Combo, and at least 120″ if using a wall exit.


*Free shipping to the lower 48 US states on orders over $1,000.  Use our flue parts calculator to build a complete parts list for your project, and order everything at the same time to meet the free shipping threshold. If you are outside the lower 48, please contact us with your postal code for a shipping quote.


SMALL STOVE: The Dwarf 5kw


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