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We love this modestly sized oven that can turn the Dwarf 5kW wood stove into a small off-grid cooking and baking stove specifically designed for tiny spaces! The oven is currently out of stock while we work on R&D for our version 3.0 oven. We’re tweaking our oven design to draft better with a shorter chimney and slower burns. (Images show oven v2.0)

The new Dwarf Baking Oven will be a direct retrofit to the Dwarf 5kW, so you can add it later.  In the meantime, the Dwarf 5kW by itself with a rear exit will still give you a nice cooking surface for a skillet, kettle, or dutch oven. Note: you’ll need to have your flue exit the rear of the stove rather than the top to be able to install the oven.

We don’t yet have an exact ETA for the oven, but we’re making it a priority and estimating it will be available sometime in the next year. Sign up here to receive updates on the progress and be notified when the oven is available to purchase.

For this oven to function it needs to be paired with the Dwarf 5kw wood stove.

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After launching the Dwarf line, we knew we wanted to add the functionality of a baking oven; a cookstove is the heart of an off-grid home! Our first two versions of the oven integrated the oven with the flue of the stove, allowing the flue gases to travel around the inner wall, heating the oven. What we found through use in our home and feedback from customers is that while the oven is a fun and useful appliance, it can rob a lot of heat from the flue gases. We decided to take it back to the drawing board and redesign the oven to keep the stove drafting better with a shorter chimney and slower burns. In recent testing, we were able to achieve all of our performance goals! We hit and maintained baking temps of 500F as well as top cooking surface temps of 300F. So far, Nick has baked biscuits and cookies inside the oven and has used the top surface to scramble eggs and cook soup! What does this mean? The oven is moving to production!

We are excited to heat, cook, and bake with the NEW Dwarf 5kw Baking Oven! 


(still in development, specs may change)

  • Simple retro-fitted top mount design – The new oven design will be easily mountable to the top of any Dwarf 5kW stove that uses the rear exit flue flange. Don’t already have a rear exit installed? No worries, read on…
  • Compact rear exit adapter – The oven will come standard with a new compact rear exit that reduces the footprint of our standard rear exit by about 4”. (Note: a standard rear exit tee or insulated tee will still work with the oven though the oven cooktop temps will be slightly lower. The interior oven and stovetop temps will not be affected.)
  • No additional flue height limitations – The previous version required a minimum of 120” of flue height in order for the oven to function properly. By removing the oven from the flue system itself, you are now able to use the oven with a wider range of flue designs and heights.
  • Larger baking capacity – The interior of the new oven measures 13”W x 13”H x 11” D
  • Improved cooking surface – The new cooking surface will now be made of cast iron and have a removable cooktop ring to allow for more direct heat to a skillet or pot should you need to achieve higher surface cooking temps. The new cast iron top will also extend out further than the previous version, giving more cooktop real estate.
  • Heat shield upgrade option – The new oven will have mounting holes similar to those found on the Dwarf 5kW stove. These holes will allow you to mount our new oven heat shields or other DIY shields and accessories.
  • Spring Handle


(still in development, oven specs may change)

Dimensions: H38” x W14” x D11”
Heat Output: 5kw How many BTU’s do you need?
Weight: Stove 150lbs + Oven 75lbs
Flue Diameter: 5” 
Material: Steel & Cast Iron
Fuels: Wood & Coal
EPA Cert? None


The sturdy body is made of thick 3/16″ – 5/16th Steel Plate.


The Dwarf 5kw stove will use its 5” rear exit when paired with the oven. 


The Dwarf Cookstove Combo is compatible with the Direct Air kit. Tall Legs and the 5kW Wood Storage stand will also fit, but the standard legs may be best if you’re planning to cook on the top surface of the oven frequently due to the cook surface height.  


16” sides, 18” rear. You can reduce required clearances by up to 2/3 with a properly designed heat shield. Read more about heat shields for clearance reduction.


⚠ Warning: California Proposition 65

Use of this product can expose you to chemicals including soot, creosote, wood dust, and wood smoke containing carbon monoxide, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.  For more information, visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

⚠ Warning

The factory coating applied to the exterior of your Dwarf stove and oven is not food grade.  When using your oven top for cooking, always place your food in appropriate cookware, and never directly on the painted surface.


This unit is not a certified residential wood heater. For portable and temporary use only.



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