Dwarf 5kw Top Baking Oven


The Dwarf Oven has been redesigned!  Please bear with us while we work to update this product description to reflect the current version.  If you’d like details about the new model, please send us an email to support@tinywoodstove.com.

We are excited to introduce the Dwarf 5kw top baking oven! This optional add-on feature turns the Dwarf 5kw small wood stove into a off-grid cooking and baking cookstove! This modestly sized cookstove is perfect for Tiny off-grid spaces less than 800sq’.  Thermometer and baking pans are not included.

For this oven to function it needs to be paired with the Dwarf 5kw wood stove. If you don’t already have the stove you can purchase the stove + this oven as a combo and save 10%!

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After launching the Dwarf line we knew we wanted to add the functionality of a baking oven. We are working to build an off-grid homestead and a cookstove is the heart of an off-gird home! The oven was designed to be easily retrofitted to the 5kw and bolts to the top flue exit. The flue gases travel around the oven chamber then exit out either the top or rear of the baking oven.

This design allows the top of the oven to work as a cooktop while giving you the flexibility to vent the flue out the top or back depending on your needs. We are excited to heat, cook and bake with the Dwarf 5kw Cookstove!



  • 9.5″ x 11″ Baking Area + 2 Shelves
  • Cast Door & for Durability & Heat Retention
  • Large Window for Monitoring Baked Goods
  • Top or Rear Flue Exit & Top Cooking Surface
  • Stainless Steel Wire Rack




The sturdy body is made of thick 3/16″ – 5/16th Steel Plate.



The door is made of high-quality cast iron which gives the face of the stove a classy look while providing optimal heat retention. (Cast iron remains hot much longer than steel)



The 5” Flue outlet can exit out the top or the rear of the oven depending on your needs. Exiting out the rear of the oven allows the entire top surface to be used as a cooking plate while exiting out the top of the stove allows are tighter installation with less clearances.



Future add-ons for the oven include water boiler and a more robust cooktop.



400mm/16” sides, 450mm/18” rear. Clearances can be reduced by up to 2/3 with a properly designed heat shield.


*Free shipping to lower 48 US states. If you are outside this area please contact us with your postal code for a shipping quote.


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