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The Dwarf 3kw is the smallest of the Dwarf line and is perfect for the smallest of spaces under 300sq’ like vans, RV’s, and campers. It’s identical in features to our other stoves – just smaller! Unlike other similarly sized small stoves on the market, this little heater is designed with robust features and is ideal for full-time use.

Sold out, but more on the way!  Pre-order now for January shipping, and get $125 off your stove, plus a free stovepipe thermometer.

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We stumbled into the Tiny Wood Stove business after trying to source a stove for our Tiny Home a 1966 Airstream. We wanted a modestly sized wood burner for affordable off-grid dry heat. After scouring the internet to find every possible solution we compiled a list of all the options. What we found was a bunch of stoves that were not ideal for our situation. They weren’t the right size, they didn’t have the right features or they were beyond our budget. So we set out to create the perfect stove for small spaces. The Dwarf is efficient, durable and affordable!



  • Cast Iron Door and Firebox for Durability and Heat Retention
  • Large Window for Monitoring and Enjoying the Fire
  • Top or Rear Flue Exit and Top Cooking Surface
  • Riddling Grate and Ash Pan for Easy Cleanup
  • Separate Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Air-Control
  • Add-on features: Tall Legs, Direct-Air, and Wood Storage Stand
  • Optional Enameled Door
  • NEW! Spring Handle comes standard on all stoves!
  • Future Features: Water Tank / Boiler, Factory Heat Shields



Dimensions: H17” x W10.25” x D8.5”
Heat Output: 3kw How many BTU’s do you need?
Weight: 75lbs
Flue Diameter: 4”
Material: Steel & Cast Iron
Fuels: Wood & Coal
EPA Cert? None




The sturdy body is made of thick 3/16″ – 5/16th Steel Plate.



The door is made of high-quality cast iron with a large fire viewing window for a classy look while providing optimal heat retention.



The 4” Flue outlet can exit out the top or the rear of the stove depending on your needs. Exiting out the rear of the stove allows the entire top surface to be used as a cooking plate while exiting out the top of the stove allows are tighter installation with less clearances.



The Dwarf gives you complete control over primary, secondary and tertiary air supplies. The airtight primary and secondary air are controlled by separate levers on the bottom of the stove and the tertiary air-wash is controlled by a slide valve just above the door.



The Dwarf firebox is made of durable cast iron and fire brick. Cast iron is very durable with for continuous use, and the fire bricks keep reflect heat back into the firebox for a more efficient burn.




The bottom of the firebox is a cast iron grate with a mechanical lever (located lower left of door) that engages the floor of the grate sifting out ash from the firebox. This handy feature is a must for coal, and helps to quickly and efficiently clean out the firebox. Below the grate is a removable ash pan for easy disposal.



You can customize the look of your stove by adding the tall cast iron legs or wood storage stand.  Enamel doors are available to add a pop of color.  Future accessories include a water boiler option and factory heat shields.



400mm/16” sides, 450mm/18” rear. You can reduce required clearances by up to 2/3 with a properly designed heat shield.



The Dwarf can safely burn wood, charcoal, anthracite coal or compressed logs.


NOTE: This stove is not intended for residential heating. It is currently uncertified and only offered for recreational use.


*Free shipping to the lower 48 US states on orders over $1,000.  Use our flue parts calculator to build a complete parts list for your project, and order everything at the same time to meet the free shipping threshold. If you are outside the lower 48, please contact us with your postal code for a shipping quote.

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  1. Greg Mamishian

    Greg Mamishian (verified owner)

    This amazing little stove has ~more~ features than most full sized stoves!
    The design is very well thought out, and all of the parts are robust.

    We’re using it to heat a 120 square foot two story loft style tinyhouse and it gets the place toasty warm with just a few chunks of wood.

    Wood stoves with small fireboxes face a challenge to burn efficiently because small fires have so little mass, but the Dwarf 3K handles this issue with ease. The three air controls allow you to precisely control the fire to get a clean efficient burn, and you don’t even need to leave the door open to get the fire started.

    We really like the long cast iron legs because they allow us to store firewood neatly under the stove without taking up extra space.

    You can use the spring door handle without a glove no matter how hot the stove gets, and gives it an old fashioned look.

    The outside air kit works great to give the stove it’s own separate supply of combustion air instead of drawing warm air from inside.

    I’ve used wood stoves for home heating for 47 years and this one is superb!

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  2. Sonja Owen

    Sonja Owen (verified owner)

    We love the little thing, it’s quite awesome! Talk about put out the heat the little thing can put out! It heats up our 250sq.ft. cabin quite easily, even on days when we haven’t been up for a couple of weeks. The only thing that I would say that is a bit of a bummer is that with the dampeners turned down low, it won’t burn through the night without having to get up every 2-3hrs to reload with wood or cut down fire logs. But talk about it being easy to use and working just like a regular sized wood stove, minus being able to burn all night long, its great!

    I also want to also say that everyone that I had the pleasure to work with, mostly via email that you all have been nice to work with and are super knowledgeable and by taking the time to explain answers to me, was very helpful in decision making. Its so very nice to have friendly and easy to work with people when making important purchases, that will explain why this or that will or won’t work. We greatly appreciate it!

    Thank you for making such a quality product that we will be able to use and use as long as we own our cabin in the woods!

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    • Dan

      Tiny Wood Stove Staff Dan

      Sonja- Thanks for sharing your review. I’m so glad you’re enjoying your stove! Have you tried building an upside-down fire to get longer burn times? We’ve been able to get burns much longer than 3 hours with that method in the Dwarf 3kW Standard, though it takes some practice. Check out How to Make a Small Wood Stove Burn Longer.

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  3. Susan Penn

    Susan Penn (verified owner)

    This little stove is a game-changer for living onboard my sailboat! Within about 5 minutes the chill is taken off the cabin, and the stove comes up to full heat within 10 minutes or so. I added a heat-activated fan which makes a big difference in spreading the warmth throughout the room.

    I am new to this type of wood stove, and it has taken a little while to get acquainted with the best combination of air flow for different situations. The booklet that came with the stove provides very useful information on its use! I have read that section more than once.

    I’m delighted at how long the stove keeps warming the cabin after the fire has gone out. With my electric heater, you had about 5 minutes before you were reaching for another layer. This little gem keeps me warm for a couple of hours, and over night the residual heat keeps the cabin from feeling like an ice box in the morning.

    I have purchased some wood for use, and will probably continue to do so, but I also encountered a source of free wood! The company strongly advocates for using wood that is grown near you, and I support this. I discovered a chain saw shop very close to home that keeps big logs to test saws on. The testing results in lots of small pieces, which people are welcome to take. The logs right now are redwood, which is fairly soft and burns quickly, but there is lots of wood available. I’m still hoping to find a hard wood source as well!

    I also want to thank the staff, who always answered my questions promptly.

    Thank you for this wonderful stove!

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  4. Julie & Ryan Fowler

    perfect stove for our bus!

    Julie & Ryan Fowler (verified owner)

    How's the stove's output? Just Right

    What kind of structure are you heating? Bus

    We installed the stove with ease and it works fabulously!! We live in a converted school bus that my wife and I built. This stove was very good quality and works as described. All of the hardware and flu parts were of very good quality and easy to use plus they look amazing installed. I would 10 out of 10 recommend this product and will be buying again for future projects!!

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  5. Jim Griffin

    Jim Griffin

    How's the stove's output? Just Right

    What kind of structure are you heating? Tiny House

    We really love our new wood stove! We had been burning gas to keep my “shop” warm in the winter months and this was a BIG upgrade. We chose a Tiny Wood Stove for efficiency and to be honest, it has a view of the fire! The folks at TWS were great to work with and it made it even better they were a small business (I spend enough at the big box stores).

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  6. Katix


    How's the stove's output? Just Right

    What kind of structure are you heating? Bus

    Last fall I bought a different wood stove of another brand to install in my skoolie home. It wasn’t a bad product, but not the right fit for my home. It wasn’t powerful enough for the space I want to heat. And the chimney flue system I built didn’t work well at all. I stumbled onto when looking for advice on what I had done wrong, and they were an incredible resource! Rather than trying to convince me to buy one of their stoves, they gave me excellent advice on how to improve the system I already had so it could work better. …But then I bought a Tiny Wood Stove Dwarf 3Kw anyway!

    I am so happy with this stove! It’s tiny and fits great in my school bus, but really makes a lot of heat. Even though it’s about the same size as my first stove, the Dwarf 3Kw stove produces way more heat. It’s beautiful and powerful and efficient. The chimney system I bought from Tiny Wood Stoves is amazing as well. Being on a tight budget, I compared prices all over the internet, and nowhere else could I find flue parts of this quality for this price. And the customer service has been remarkable, from the very first contact through purchase and installation…

    And until this project I didn’t know I could paint a wood burning stove! Holy cow, it’s gorgeous! My bus is defined by color, and this beautiful little metallic mint green stove fits right in.

    My thanks to Dan, Cody, and Elizabeth in customer support, Luisa in shipping, Nick in all the helpful videos, and everyone else on the Tiny Wood Stove team!

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