Checking the Air Controls for a Tight Seal

Checking the Air Controls for a Tight Seal

Ensuring the air control paddles on your stove are sealing well is vital for optimal performance. When you first install your stove and down the road if you notice that closing the air controls does little to dampen the fire, follow the steps below to check for a good seal and adjust as needed:

  1. Install air control paddles and tighten the screws until you feel a little resistance when you move the air control
  2. Look under the stove and make sure the air control is sitting flush against the stove the, paying special attention to the section of the paddles that cover the air intake openings on the stove.
  3. Feel around the paddles to make sure you can feel no gap between the paddle and the stove body
  4. If the air controls are curved, follow these steps to straighten them
    1. Determine which way the control needs to be bent, in towards the stove or away from the stove
    2. Remove the air control
    3. Gently bend it back straight. You can lay it on the floor and gently tap it straight if needed
    4. Re-install it and make sure it is sealing properly

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