If propane seems to be a better heat option for your tiny space there are lots of options. The RV industry is full of propane heat sources: like forced air furnaces, and catalytic type heaters. Both these options work well but they have their downsides. Furnaces are hard to install into existing spaces and catalytic heaters can cause issues with condensation.


Another attractive option is a small propane fireplace! These little fireplaces are very light weight, have a very small footprint and they are very efficient plus they don’t have as many issues with condensation because of their venting. They also have a built in thermostat so you can have complete control over the interior temperature of your space. Unlike wood stoves they will shut-off when the desired temperature is reached saving you fuel.


Here are two great small propane fireplaces on the market:


Dickinson Marine Newport P-12000 Propane Fireplace

Price: $1300

Dimensions: H16” x W10” x D7.25”

Weight: ? (Probably less than 50lbs)

Flue Outlet: 3”

Max Output: 5500btu

Notes: The Dickinson stove comes with a heat shield and vent pipe with the purchase price — everything you need to install.

Owners Manual

Thoughts: I’ve seen a lot of these in small spaces: tiny houses and travel trailers and they are made for the Marine Industry to undoubtedly boats. With the fireplace you get the benefit of the ambiance of a flame plus a thermostat and effortless heating. While the price is comparable to a small wood stove once you figure in installation the upfront cost is probably less for a propane fireplace. Although longer term cost of a wood stove will be much less.


Another Small Gas Fireplace Option is the Mini Franklin:


Mini Franklin Propane Fireplace

Price: $

Dimensions: H17” x W14.5” x D15”

Weight: 72lbs

Flue Outlet: 4 5/8”

Max Output: 8,000btu

Notes: Not sure if the Franklin comes with vent pipe?

Thoughts: The Franklin is larger and heavier than the Dickinson stoves but the added soapstone helps maintain and radiate the heat from the stove.


If you’re looking for a gas heat source for you small space a propane fireplace may be a great option! All the benefits of propane with the added ambience of a dancing flame. Propane fireplaces cost a bit more than forced air furnaces and catalytic heaters but they are small, lightweight, efficient easy to install and look great!


Do you have any experience with a small propane fireplace? Would love to hear your thoughts — comment below!

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