Dwarf 3kW Standard vs Dwarf 3kW LITE Product Comparison

Dwarf 3kW Standard vs. Dwarf 3kW LITE

The Dwarf 3kW is our smallest size full-featured wood stove.  For small spaces like vans, small to medium size RVs and short buses, and tiny homes in more temperate climate, a Dwarf 3kW wood stove can be the perfect size.  With a nominal capacity of 10,236 BTUs, a Dwarf 3kW may be the perfect balance between serious heat output, and ease of use on milder Winter days.  Learn more about choosing the right wood stove size for your tiny home.

But which model Dwarf 3kW stove is best for your space?


The Dwarf 3kW Standard

The Standard model of the Dwarf 3kW stove is our full-featured heavyweight.  It's identical in features and construction to our larger Dwarf stoves, just in a smaller size.

Heavy Duty Construction

Weighing in at 75 pounds, the Dwarf 3kW is constructed of heavy duty welded steel for longevity and heat retention.  The top and bottom plate are 3/16" thick, and the sides are 5/16" thick.

An insulated firebox burns fuel hot and clean with 1" thick firebricks on the sides, and a heavy-duty steel baffle on top.

Full-Featured Air Controls

Airtight construction, efficient tri-burn technology, and independent controls for primary, secondary, and tertiary air, give you complete control over your burn rate.  Burn a hot, efficient fire by dialing back your primary air and feeding plenty of air to the top of the firebox.  Use the upside-down fire method to get the longest possible overnight burn.

Mechanical Riddling Grate

Shake ashes through your fire grate and into the ash pan without opening the door.  The lever on the lower left of the stove operates the mechanical riddling grate.

Are you living or traveling in coal country?  With a riddling grate, coal bar, and independent air controls, the Dwarf 3kW Standard can also burn anthracite coal.

Top or Rear Exit Options

Use the top exit for a more compact install, or exit through the rear to preserve the entire top surface of your stove for cooking.  The 10-1/4" x 8-1/2" top surface of the Dwarf 3kW works great for heating a kettle, stewing or roasting in a dutch oven, or frying in a cast iron skillet.

Accessory Options

The Dwarf 3kW Standard comes with pre-drilled and tapped holes to mount custom heat shields or other accessories to the sides of the stove.  It's also compatible with the Direct-Air Kit for feeding the stove directly with an outside air supply.

Available Tall Cast Iron Legs and Wood Storage Stand accessories provide options for raising your firebox for easier viewing and stoking, and customizing your stove's look.  For a truly unique stove, swap the factory black door for a colored enamel door.

The Bottom Line

For a stationary structure or vehicle where an extra 20 pounds isn't a problem, the Dwarf 3kW Standard is usually the best option.  If you want to use the rear exit, mount accessories to your stove, burn coal, or get the longest possible burn times, the Standard model is the right choice.


The Dwarf 3kW LITE

Our LITE model 3kW wood stove is a stripped down version of the Dwarf line, with simplicity and weight savings in mind.

Weight-Saving Construction

It's no lightweight,  but the Dwarf 3kW LITE drops 20 pounds versus the standard model, weighing in at 55 pounds.  The top and bottom plate are still 3/16" thick, but the welded steel stove body has been reduced to 1/8" thick to save on weight.

Heavy firebricks are replaced with lightweight ceramic fiber refractory panels to insulated the firebox, the same material used in industrial retorts.

Simplified Air Controls

With the same efficient tri-burn technology and airtight firebox as the rest of the Dwarf line, a single air control operates both primary and secondary air for the Dwarf 3kW LITE.  This balanced air supply is easy to use, and works well for controlling wood fires.

Fire Grate and Ash Pan

The fire grate provides even air distribution to the bottom of the firebox, and the ash pan below makes for easy cleanup.  A coal bar at the front of the firebox keeps logs from rolling out when you open the door, and helps to keep the door glass clean.  The LITE model does not include a mechanical riddling grate.  This model is not compatible with anthracite coal.

Top Exit Only

Install your Dwarf 3kW LITE with the smallest possible footprint using the top exit.  No rear exit option is available for the LITE model.  You can still cook on top of the stove with the top exit, but your kettle or pan needs to be small.

The Bottom Line

The Dwarf 3kW LITE is ideal for a mobile structure where weight savings is a primary concern.  If you're planning to use the top exit and you'll burn wood only, the 3kW LITE is a great choice for your build.


Dwarf 3kW Standard vs. LITE: Side-By Side Comparison

Dwarf 3kW Standard Features

  • 75 LBS - Heavy-Duty Steel and Cast Iron Construction
  • Large Fire Viewing Window for Ambiance
  • Efficient Tri-Burn Technology
  • Stay-Cool Spring Handle
  • Ash Pan and Tool Included for Easy Cleanup
  • 4" Flue System - Roof Exit or Wall Exit Options Available
  • Firebox Lined With Heavy Duty Firebrick
  • Top or Rear Exit Option for Versatile Installation Options
  • Independent Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Air Wash Controls
  • Coal Bar and Mechanical Riddling Grate
  • Mounting Points for Heat Shields and Future Accessories
  • Compatible with Direct-Air

Dwarf 3kW LITE Features

  • 55 LBS - Thinner Steel and Cast Iron Construction for Lighter Weight
  • Same Large Fire Viewing Window for Ambiance
  • Same Efficient Tri-Burn Technology
  • Same Stay-Cool Spring Handle
  • Same Ash Pan and Tool Included for Easy Cleanup
  • Same 4" Flue System - Roof Exit or Wall Exit Options Available
  • Firebox Lined With Lightweight Ceramic Fiber Panels
  • Top Exit for Compact Installation (no rear exit option)
  • Combined Primary/Secondary Control, and Separate Air Wash
  • Coal Bar and Simple Fire Grate
  • No Accessory Mounting Points
  • Not Compatible with Direct-Air

Still unsure which stove is best for your space?  Contact us to review your project with a tiny wood stove expert.

4 thoughts on “Dwarf 3kW Standard vs Dwarf 3kW LITE Product Comparison”

    1. Both Dwarf 3kW stove models are 17″ tall with the standard legs, 10-1/4″ deep, and 8-1/2″ wide. The dimensions of each stove are listed on the product page under the heading “The Dwarf Specs.” You can also find a detailed PDF drawing of each stove on the Manuals and Downloads page.

  1. Are the clearance requirements the same for the lite and standard version?

    Is the lite compatible with other 3kW accessories, such as the wood storage stand?

    1. Timothy-

      Great question. The exterior dimensions and clearance requirements of the 3kW LITE and 3kW Standard are identical. The tall legs and wood storage stand accessories are compatible with both stoves. The air controls are different, though, so the direct air only fits the Standard model. Also, the enamel door and rear exit option are only available for the Standard model.

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