Tiny Wood Stove Coupon Codes

Coupon Codes and Promotions

Are there any active coupon codes for tinywoodstove.com?

Yes!  Use coupon code DWARF to save 10% off standard parts when purchased with your Dwarf stove.

When is Tiny Wood Stove going to have a sale?

We don't have a set schedule for sales, but we do occasionally offer promotions.  If you want to be notified when we launch a sale, sign up here to be notified by email anytime we have a sale. (This signs you up for ONLY sales notification emails. No spamming!)

What's the best way to save money on a wood stove?

The best way to save money on your installation is to buy the right stove, and all the right flue parts, all in one order.  Getting your order over $1,000 earns you free shipping to the continental United States, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

Make sure you're getting the right size stove for your space with all the features you want.  A wood stove should last for decades, so it's cheaper to save up for the right one, rather than regretting your choice and buying a better one later.  A good place to start is to run your space through our BTU calculator, or contact us to talk about your project.

Once you have your stove picked out, you'll want to design your complete flue system.  Run your space through our Chimney Builder Tool, or contact us to build your flue system.  Make sure you get all the pipe, clamps, and wood stove accessories you need in addition to your flue kit, so you don't have to pay separate shipping later.

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