When should I start planning my wood stove project?

How soon should I start planning my wood stove project?

Sooner is better!  It's never too early to start planning your wood stove project.

Heating season in North America starts in early Fall, around the same time as the first cold snap hits the country.  Once the prospect of Winter cold becomes a reality, everyone who has been planning to add a stove to their build suddenly has a deadline.

We do our best to keep stoves and flue parts in stock through Winter.  But like most small stove manufacturers, Tiny Wood Stove is a small business with limited resources.  We can only purchase and warehouse a certain amount of inventory at a time, so it can be difficult to keep up with a sudden surge of orders as heating season begins.

For the last years, we've sold out of some stoves and parts for at least a month during the season.  Every year we increase our Fall inventory as much as we can, and every year the Tiny Living community grows beyond our ability to keep up.

In addition to seasonal inventory issues, some small stove manufacturers hand-build individual stoves to order.  That can lead to 6- to 9-month lead times or more!  To make sure you get the exact stove you want, early planning is the key.

Roof Exit Chimney Installation on a Tiny House
Roof Exit Chimney Installation on a Tiny House

When is the best time to shop for a wood stove?

Try to shop in the Spring or Summer if possible. That is the slowest season and there are most likely to be sales.  Getting your hands on your stove and flue parts early gives you a chance to double-check that you have everything you need before you need it.

Large heavy items like stoves and stovepipe sometimes get damaged during shipping. When you order them ahead of time it will give you a chance to inspect items for damage and get things repaired or replaced before you need them.

What's the best way to get a wood stove on sale?

Stove companies periodically have sales like any other retail business.  Sometimes sales are tied to holidays like Black Friday.  But promotions are more often tied to internal needs like moving inventory, freeing up cash on slow months, or launching new products.

If you plan your project months ahead of time, you might be able to snag your perfect stove on sale.  Drop your favorite stove manufacturer a line and ask to be notified when they launch a sale.  (Hint: we keep a not-so-secret sale notification list, and you just have to send us a quick message to get on it.)

When is the best time to install a wood stove?

If you have an option, it's far easier to install your stove while it's warm outside.  Freezing weather can make roof work difficult or dangerous.  Urethane or silicone roofing sealant needs a clean, dry surface to properly adhere to, and may need above freezing temperatures to cure.

If you install your stove in the Summer, then you'll have it ready for when the first cold front hits.  If you wait until Fall or Winter, then you may find yourself scrambling to find alternative heat sources while you wait for your a break in the weather to finish the install, or for stove or parts to arrive.

Don't get caught in the cold!  If you're planning on heating with wood this Winter, the best time to start planning is right now.

Cutting a Hole in a Standing Seam Metal Roof for a Tiny House Chimney
Cutting a Hole in a Standing Seam Metal Roof for a Tiny House Chimney

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    1. Ryan-

      Thanks for the question! Because every installation is different, our stoves are sold separately from our pipe. The price of the stove does not include any pipe.

      For the Dwarf 4kW, you’ll want a 4″ flue system. You can find all the parts you need in our 4″ Flue Parts category, or try out our flue parts calculator to build a custom chimney package for your project.

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