Kev’s Alaskan Overland Sauna Gear Trailer @hugothebiggreenvan

Traveling Alaska with a Sauna in tow

Kevin is a midwestern native that's transplanted to Alaska. He's a outdoors man, builder, and adventurer! From the ground up Kevin restored his F250 4x4 Camper van lovingly named, "Hugo The Big Green Van". To round out his adventure mobile Kevin hacked up a old box van and made it into his gear trailer / sauna / guest house. We had a blast meeting Kevin and helping with his install! You can watch his small wood stove installation below:

Interested in a small stove for your tiny space? Contact us on the form below and we can help you sort through all the details in getting the perfect stove and installation configuration for your unique space!


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1 thought on “Kev’s Alaskan Overland Sauna Gear Trailer @hugothebiggreenvan”

  1. That was a really neat and clean installation into a beautiful, unique travel cabin.

    Irrespective of the weather, you’ll be comfortable and warm with your lovely stove.

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