Tiny House Big Living S7E6 – “Artistic and Idyllic Tiny Escape”

Danny Weddle is the owner and chief carpenter at Carpenter Owl Tiny Homes in Bloomingfield, IN. He and his crew are known for building artistic tiny homes using all natural materials. Danny actually likens his homes to “paintings” with architecture. In this episode of “Tiny House Big Living” his company is hired to build a quiet get-a-way space to be enjoyed during busy family gatherings. Read more about this build below:


Bill Oesterle is an entrepreneur who lives in Indiana with his wife and six kids. He also happens to be a fan of tiny houses. Since living full-time in a tiny house is not practical with his large family, he decided to build a backyard escape on his property.

Bill had several specific requests to incorporate in the build which included an upper deck soaking tub, outdoor/indoor blended dining area, hidden trap door, wood burning stove, and a hidden compartment for his old moonshine still. Danny was given the freedom to design the home with his own creative style while incorporating these components.

The project took about three months and the final budget was $67,000.

In the end, the home was full of unique curved architecture, mixed color wood tones, various couple’s relaxing areas, a king sized bed, and all of Bill’s original requests. We’re proud to have our Dwarf 4kw wood stove in the main living area to heat the entire space.

Click here to watch the full episode and see Bill and his wife, Christy, tour their home for the first time.

Carpenter Owl Tiny Homes builds several different tiny home styles as well as unique off-grid adventure structures with their signature wood style.  To see more of their work, check out their website here.

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