Tiny House Nation S5E15 – “344 Sq Ft Tiny Tech-Free Retreat”

Tiny House Nation is the number one housing themed show on FYI network.  For five seasons, families and couples have taken the plunge from standard size houses to living in under 500 sq ft tiny homes.  It was our pleasure to work with this vibrant family of four from central California in the episode titled, "Tiny Tech-Free Retreat."  Read their story below:  


CJ and Christina live in the heart of the “Silicon Valley” with their two young boys JJ (3) and Max (1). They are both professionals in their respective careers which means their pace of life can often be stressful and exhausting. As a means to carve out time for self-care and family time, they decided to build a 344 sq ft tiny house on wheels to place on a 20-acre property they purchased near the inland mountains 3 ½ hours away.


Their house includes tall ceilings, two lofts, and lots of windows, all built on an 8 x 24’ Trailermade® trailer. Their build was filmed on season 5 episode 15 of FYI’s Tiny House Nation. Click here to watch the show.

CJ describes their style as “rustic modern” which is highlighted by stainless steel appliances, elegant fixtures, and a loft wall made from old fence boards. The floor plan is very open from end to end with the only enclosed space being a gorgeous spa/bathroom/sauna.  A luxurious soaking tub, modern sink, and composting toilet continue the theme of rugged and progressive accents in their home.


The bathroom is surrounded by cedar wood giving it a warm, spa-like feel. Christina envisioned using the space as a sauna which required dry heat capabilities. They reached out to us for a Dwarf stove and we were happy to provide our 4kw with sand color enameled door, which blended well with the rustic modern design.

Installation wasn’t quite complete by the time filming finished, but even the presence of the staged stove added a warmth to the whole space.


This home certainly has a relaxing style. The aesthetics are beautiful and inviting, and the interior space provides a “larger than it is” feel.

To top off their amazingness, this generous couple also made space for their extended family and friends to share meals together with an exceptionally large outdoor dining table.

We hope CJ, Christina, JJ, and Max enjoy their tiny home as much as we enjoyed watching their show!

Tiny house families always seem to push the boundaries of small space possibilities.  CJ and Christina prove this in their episode of Tiny House Nation.  From their thoughtful and gorgeous interior design to their support of creating community, they certainly planned well to get the most out of their tiny house.

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