Treb’s Family of 5 Home Sweet Skoolie @Trebventure

"We do life outside."

The best part about serving the Tiny House community is connecting with so many creative people, who are living their dreams passionately and intentionally.  @trebventure is one of the special ones who we are proud to share their value of family and simplicity.  Here is their story:


Introducing Brandon, Ashley, Cayden, Jackson, and Reagan!

Two years ago this family of five made a life-altering decision; they bought a ‘99 Bluebird bus and transformed it into a real-life ‘time machine’: more time for friends, time for laughter, time for adventure, and most importantly time for each other. Their story, titled @trebventure, began with a thirst for adventure, a love of the outdoors, and a desire to simplify life in order to put a greater focus on their family. Now two years later, their skoolie life, has delivered their dreams and more…

When reflecting on the advantages of living in a skoolie, Ashley highlights the freedom to always have their home with them no matter where they are. She’s seen a stronger connection with nature since, as she puts it, “...we do life outside”, and the like-minded people they’ve met along the way have become exceptionally dear to them.

Though @trebventure has the option to hook up to utilities, they run mostly off-grid. We are honored to partner with this delightful family as they stay warm and cozy with a Dwarf 4kw #tinywoodstove.


Living full time in under 300 sq ft is a challenge for anyone, but sharing this tiny space with your spouse and three kids take a very special family. It requires careful planning, lots of communication, and at times, nerves of steel. The biggest challenge the Trebitowski family has faced is not having their own space, which we think is understandable.

Luckily, their Dwarf 4kw #tinywoodstove only takes up about a 2’x2’ space. They chose the enameled door option (sand color) to blend the bus color scheme seamlessly. Installation of the stove and flue pipe was easy according to Ashley and Brandon, and Nick provided support for both product and install throughout the project. Their wood stove nook is beautifully finished with snow-capped mountains on a custom fabricated heat shield.

@trebventure’s thoughts on the Dwarf 4kw: “The looks and functionality of the stove are beautiful in our space and we get compliments constantly.”


Using the Dwarf 4kw for a 300 sq ft interior with lots of windows has worked great for this family. It has kept them warm on even the coldest nights and they keep it stoked 24/7 during the winter. @trebventure was kind enough to share their wood fuel costs saying, the most they paid in the winter months was $50/month.

They use the stove mostly for heating the space, but they will occasionally toast some bread on the top surface also. When asked what advice they would give to others considering a #tinywoodstove for their small space, it was simply this….”DOOOOO IT!”

That Mountainscape heat shield is amazing!

Simplify living to maximize connecting - we couldn't agree more...
We love this bus and the @trebventure vision!
Never forget that your best life is the one you intentionally create!

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