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" We love the ability to move our home to new locations in ideal temperatures, and the closeness it has cultivated for our family is the greatest part"

The Herlocker family has been living in their airstream for over two years, traveling the country following traveling nurse jobs. They have a cozy airstream they share with their three (now four) kids, two dogs and cat.
Check out their story below or on their Instagram @weelittlenomads.

Who are you? Tell us something about you!

We are a family of 5 with 3 furry companions. Our names are Mary and Alex and our children are Georgi, Margo, and Jasper.
We installed the Tint Wood Stove in our vintage airstream.

Please tell us a little bit about why you decided to live tiny and/or off grid. What were your reasons? How long have you been living tiny?

We have been living tiny for 18 months. Our decision was mainly based on wanting to spend more quality time together as a family. We wanted to have an adventurous life while our kids were young instead of waiting until retirement. This travel lifestyle is affordable and comfortable. We love the ability to move our home to new locations in ideal temperatures, and the closeness it has cultivated for our family is the greatest part.

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What made you decide to get a tiny wood stove to be your heating source?

We enjoy boondocking and living off-grid and the tiny wood stove is an efficient heating source that does not use electric or propane.

Why did you want to work with Tiny Wood Stove in particular?

The company was started by people that are truly living tiny and know the special needs of this community.

Wood heat can be a beautiful feature and a practical consideration

How did installation go for you? Please describe in detail. Was the support team at TWS helpful and informative? Did you need any assistance of any kind?

The installation was complex, and [...] the support team was very helpful. Alex was able to speak on the phone with the team and get assistance when one of the pieces was misplaced.

How has your space changed since you installed the stove?

It is a beautiful oven, very cozy and purposeful. When living tiny every little inch of space is important and needs to be used wisely. The stove gave us wonderful heat while also adding comfort and style.

Have you been enjoying having a tiny wood stove in your space? Why?

We really enjoyed the tiny wood stove and regret that we needed to sell our home with it included in the sale. It was my favorite part of our trailer during winters because it gave our home a warm glow and was the perfect way to heat up after a cold day outside.

Would you recommend a tiny wood stove to others? What advice would you give others regarding a wood stove?

Most definitely, I think it is a great heating solution and perfect for tiny, off-grid living. I would recommend being prepared for the space for storage of dry wood kindling. This was something that we had not anticipated prior to installation.

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You can follow the @weelittlenomads adventures on Instagram.

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