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"The Dwarf Stove works like a charm and heats my tiny home quickly and efficiently."

Every once in a while you meet someone who refuses to live by even the grassroots status quo. These people have to push the boundaries of what is socially acceptable and even humanly possible. Jonathon Stalls happens to be one of those brave and passionate souls. His personal and tiny living stories are ones of great trust and competent abandon. Check out his story below or on his Instagram @jstallz.

How does your personality fit with tiny living?

Deep down I'm an artist. I live and create and thrive in the spaces between all the hard lines we've drawn. I crave to live simply and to get creative with how to make a meaningful and intentional space. I also care deeply about my personal footprint alongside Mother Earth. It means the world to me to limit how I use its limited resources.

How did your tiny living journey begin?

My journey began when I decided to dramatically simplify and live out of a backpack for 8.5 months. I walked 3,030 miles across the USA. The lessons learned were and are beyond profound and have impacted my core beliefs in unimaginable ways. I stayed with over 120 strangers and in just about every environment you can imagine. I took notice of tiny/micro dwellings more specifically when I moved through the high deserts of Utah and Nevada. I fell in love and dreamed of having a small dwelling of my own.


Can you describe your space?

I have a 24' x 6 -1/2' space. It’s a tumbleweed shell that I customized. I had builders do the trailer, framing, and roof and I did the rest. It's a custom rendition of the Elm model with an open floor, a custom cut in the loft for stairs, beautiful beetle kill pine, a gorgeous gothic window (sponsored by Pella Windows), off-grid systems, and a perfect 4KW Tiny Wood Stove! ; )

How did you decide on a dwarf stove?

As someone who is 6'5”, having as much space as possible to feel rested and flexible as I move about is everything. The dwarf stove was perfect. It's all I needed. It works like a charm and heats my tiny home quickly and efficiently.


How difficult was the installation process?

Not too bad. With no construction experience, I felt pretty good about it. The hardest part was making sure I was centering the flue while leaving enough room between the piping and the roof. I had to cut up the roof a couple extra times. Should have spent more time measuring and remeasuring!

How has your experience been using the Dwarf?

It's been great. Sometimes I wish there was more surface area for cooking, but considering the space I need, it’s probably better that I don't have extra space. It's a blessing to have this beautiful feature in my space. I'm so grateful!

Roof Exit Chimney Installation on a Tiny House

You can follow all of Jonathon's adventures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Tiny on!

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