Gary’s Yurt in Colorado

"The stove itself is very high quality as are all the flue pipe components. Customer service was really great too!"

Gary installed the Dwarf 4kw in his 16ft yurt in southwest Colorado. He is using the Yurt as a guest room and studio.

Who are you? Tell us something about you!

My name is Gary Magno. I am an avid outdoorsman that loves fishing, hunting, canoeing, backpacking and hiking. I live outside Durango, Colorado with my wife Daren and brittany spaniel Sage.

Where did you install your stove? Do you stay in cold climates much?

We installed our Dwarf 4kw stove in a 16 foot diameter yurt that is located on our property in southwest Colorado. We will be using the yurt primarily as an extra bedroom and studio. We are planning to spend plenty of time in the yurt during the winter months.


How did your tiny living journey begin and what were your reasons?

Our home has only two bedrooms so we were looking for some extra space for guests and when the grandkids come to visit. We just built the yurt this summer.

How did you decide on a Dwarf stove?

After doing a whole lot of research on the internet it became obvious to us that a conventional wood stove made for a standard house would be too large for the yurt. We wanted a stove that was designed specifically for small spaces, that's how we came upon the Tiny Wood Stove Company.


How difficult was the installation process? Did you need any assistance of any kind?

Assembly of the stove was really easy. Coming up with the design for the flue piping was more difficult given that you can't attach anything to the yurt it's self. The information on the website regarding clearances and the necessary components needed for a wall exit system was very helpful. I did get some assistance from the company on how best to cut the single wall pipe which was very helpful. Other than that, I did everything myself.

How has your experience been using the Dwarf? Have you been enjoying having a tiny wood stove in your space?

I fired up the stove once I completed the stove pipe installation and was very impressed with how well the draft was for the fire and the air controls. We had family in town during a recent cold snap where the temperature was in the low 30's with heavy rain and wet snow at times. The Dwarf 4kw kept the yurt warm and toasty all night long. Our guests were very impressed with how well it worked and loved seeing the fire through the glass door from the bed at night. My wife Daren and I are very pleased with how well the stove worked during that stretch of nasty weather when we really needed it to heat our extra bedroom for our family. We are looking forward to many more comfortable nights this winter sleeping in our yurt.


Would you recommend a tiny wood stove to others? Why?

I would highly recommend the Tiny Wood Stove company for anyone looking to heat a small space like a yurt. The stove it's self is very high quality as are all the flue pipe components. Customer service was really great too!

Would you like to add anything?

Great company with great products!


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