Megan’s Tiny House in North Carolina

"I love my stove! It's so incredibly cozy. I get so excited to use it when the weather starts to turn."

Megan has been living in her tiny house since 2017, moving from Pennsilvania to North Carolina. She is heating her home with the Dwarf 3kw lite.

Who are you? Tell us something about you!

I'm Megan! I love dogs and outdoor adventures!

Where did you install your stove? Do you stay in cold climates much?

I installed my stove in a Tiny House. I built my house in Pennsylvania and spent one winter in the chilly north western part of the state. The stove kept the house warm. Sometimes it was too warm and I would crack the window in the sleeping loft. However, I did go through the wood and compressed logs- although it was still only a fraction of my old heating bill in my Pittsburgh apartment. I have since moved to North Carolina where the winters are much milder and I use about half the amount of fuel.

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How did your tiny living journey begin and what were your reasons?

My journey began in college. I was working towards my BFA in Technical Theatre and Design when I saw a picture of a tiny house in an art class. I was immediately hooked. The allure was partly due to the unique opportunity of designing a space all my own, the financial security living tiny offers, and the emotional security of being about to take my space with me where ever I ended up in the world. I have been living tiny since 2017.

How did you decide on a Dwarf stove?

I knew I wanted a wood stove. My family cabin had a wood stove and I was in love with it. I also designed my house to be off-grid and a wood stove was the most compatible option for my lifestyle. After much research I decided on the Dwarf 3kwLite for cost, size, and because I liked the company.

0. FOH Exterior

How difficult was the installation process? Did you need any assistance of any kind?

I installed it myself. It was pretty simple. The hardest part was standing on a ladder and using the jig saw upside down to cut through the ceiling. I didn't get the placement just right and so my stove pipe is crooked. But I've learned to live with it.

How has your experience been using the Dwarf? Have you been enjoying having a tiny wood stove in your space?

I love my stove! Its so incredibly cozy. I get so excited to use it when the weather starts to turn. I use it to boil water for my morning tea and have even used it as a toaster. I'll put some foil down on the top of the stove and set my cheesy bread on it. Works great!


Would you recommend a tiny wood stove to others? Why?

Yes. Its affordable, cute as hell, and easy to install.

More pictures of Megan's beautiful and cozy tiny house:

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