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"I loved the practicality of the stove. It's small, robust and easy to use."

Basil Lynch has been living tiny and traveling for two years. With his one-of-a-kind adventure rig Bruce he can scout all the beautiful and remote spots.  Check out his story below or on his Instagram @basillynch.

Tell us about you! Why you decided to live tiny and/or off grid.

I'm Basil Lynch and I've been living full-time in my tiny home on wheels named Bruce!

I'd been living in San Diego for 3 years, working a 9-5 job just to afford housing. I was tired of paying rent and wanted to see North America, so I sold everything, built a truck, and hit the road. I've been traveling full time for nearly 2 years now!

What made you decide to get a tiny wood stove to be your heating source? Why did you choose a Dwarf stove in particular?

I used a propane heater in the past and didn't want to constantly be annoyed with trying to find propane while on the road. I also go to extremely remote areas and love the fact that I can always find fuel for my Tiny Wood Stove!

I loved the practicality of the Dwarf 4kw! It's small, robust and easy to use.


How did your installation go?

The installation was very easy! I had to reconfigure one of the cabinets in my camper, secure the Dwarf 4kw to the shelf, cut a hole in the roof, then install the chimney and seal. The whole process went smoothly thanks to the detailed instructions and information provided by the Tiny Wood Stove support team!

The first time I lit my tiny wood stove was wonderful. I was a bit nervous at first, but after the stove heated up, I was mesmerized by the fire and the heat coming off of the stove. It's impressive how well a tiny stove heats up the space.

How has your space changed since you installed the stove?

My camper has never felt more like home to me, there's something special about having a fireplace in my space that makes it feel like home.


Have you been enjoying having a tiny wood stove in your space?

Yes! The process of gathering firewood when I get to camp, cutting it to size, and lighting the stove is something I look forward to every time I use it.

Would you recommend a tiny wood stove to others? What advice would you give others regarding a wood stove?

100% yes! I've recommended it to multiple people who have purchased one and fallen in love with theirs as well! The stove simply works, it's very easy to use and heats the space well. If you're looking at getting a wood stove do your research and make sure it will work with your space. If it works, quit looking at them and buy a Tiny Wood Stove, you'll love it.


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