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SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Jotul F 602 Wood Stove Review

Jotul F 602 Small Stove

Jotul F 602

Price: $800-950

Dimensions: H25.25” x W12.6” x D21.25”

Weight: 160lbs

Flue Outlet: 6”

Max Output: 28000 btu

Efficiency: 75%

EPA Certification: Yes

Outside Air Supply: Yes (optional)

Notes: Very popular stove with with a long & large track record and over 1 million stoves in production worldwide to prove it. This medium stove is best suited for larger spaces and has the capacity to heat up to 800 SQFT.

2 thoughts on “SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Jotul F 602 Wood Stove Review”

    1. That’s pretty typical of an EPA stove. To pass EPA testing, manufacturers typically weld the primary air shut (or severely restrict it), and prop the secondary air open. That can make the stove more difficult to control, but it helps force the user to set up a clean burn.

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