SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Jotul F 602 Wood Stove Review

Jotul F 602 Small Stove

Jotul F 602

Price: $800-950

Dimensions: H25.25” x W12.6” x D21.25”

Weight: 160lbs

Flue Outlet: 6”

Max Output: 28000 btu

Efficiency: 75%

EPA Certification: Yes

Outside Air Supply: Yes (optional)

Notes: Very popular stove with with a long & large track record and over 1 million stoves in production worldwide to prove it. This medium stove is best suited for larger spaces and has the capacity to heat up to 800 SQFT.

12 thoughts on “SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Jotul F 602 Wood Stove Review”

    1. That’s pretty typical of an EPA stove. To pass EPA testing, manufacturers typically weld the primary air shut (or severely restrict it), and prop the secondary air open. That can make the stove more difficult to control, but it helps force the user to set up a clean burn.

  1. I’ve been heating exclusively with wood since 1992. The jotul 602 was my dream stove.
    I have used my jotul since February. It is very efficient, looks good and uses little space.
    My cabin is tiny,120 sq ft, so small stove critical. This stove replaces a blazeking.

    1. Hey Jon, I’m looking to heat 120sqft cottage and was wondering if the 602 would be overkill? It’s insulated but lots of old windows. What kind of burn time are you getting? What temperatures do you get in the winter? Like you this is my dream stove but I’m wondering if the hobbit or dwarf stoves are more suited to the space.. any info you can share would be great.

    1. Joseph-

      Sorry, but we don’t sell Jotul stoves. For a new one, you can use Jotul’s dealer locator tool. This model also comes up quite a bit on the second-hand market, so you might be able to find one significantly cheaper if you check the ebay listings and find one nearby.

      1. I was also interested in the SMALL STOVE: The Dwarf 5kw, and would that kind of compared to the JOTUL Could it be used in a basement den about 20×25 in size, primarily for emergency heat & other times when needed.

        1. Joseph-

          Since the Dwarf is not UL listed or EPA approved, you’d likely run into some issues with inspections or insurance if you were to install it in the basement of a residential home. In that case, the EPA approved Jotul might be a better fit, even if it were a bit large for the space.

  2. I purchased a red 602 C jotul stove in 1977 it is the best stove for heating 2 or 3 rooms. I would say sq ft 300 aprox. The only drawback the log should not exceed 15 inches and only one or 2 thin logs. Other that that a great little stove and would buy another one in a heart beat The Norwegians know how to build a firebox

  3. I’ve burned a 602 CB in my 600sq ft log cabin and it heated very well but when it got really cold I had to feed it every 2-4 hours. When it wasn’t as cold I could have coals for relighting 7-8 hours later with good hardwood. I ended up going with a larger Jotul F45 and installing the 602 in my 200sq ft work shop.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! It’s always helpful to hear of personal experiences with various stoves, cabin sizes, and winter conditions.

    2. We too have been running a Jotul F45 Greenville in our house for last nearly 5 years and could not be happier. Replaced our furnace completely and to heat a 1200 sq ft ranch on a concrete slab we use about 2+ cords of oak each 5-month long heating season (Chicago suburbs). It runs like a dream. We have to mostly run it with the damper fully closed (it puts out too much heat) and when the temps went down to -25F during polar vortex it ran at half-open damper with house 70+F.
      Now looking for the F602 as a stove for my 16′ cargo trailer RV conversion. I highly recommend the F45 (rated for up to 1600 ft.) or the bigger F55 Carabassett, rated for 2400+ ft.
      I just love that the F602 is only 150 lbs, but what will be a limiting factor for me is the minimum required chimney height. That could be a problem in an RV camper installation.

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