Tiny Wood Stove Mini 12

SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Gray Stove Works: Mini 12ct

UPDATE: January 2017

I’ve been contacted by several of Gray Stoves customers and it seems they’ve gone out of business. After doing a little research their website is down, number disconnected and no updates have been posted to Facebook in months. If anyone has more information please let me know.

If you’re looking for a small wood stove for your tiny space checkout our Dwarf line of stoves.


When I first found this stove they were in the prototyping phase. Since then they have revised their design and rebranded their website. Both look great! This hearty little stove is a mini-me of the old standby glass-front wood stoves. I love the overall look of the Mini 12ct – especially the color version perched on it’s firewood holding stand. This stove is a fair amount bigger than the Navigator and Shipmate Stoves and much heavier. My guess is the larger firebox, fire brick and heavy gauge steel give it a greater thermal mass than the lighter marine cast stoves. While they advertise roughly the same BTU output this stove is probably more efficient.

Here are the stove specifics:

Price: $970 + $100 Steel Stand Option

BTU: 8000 BTU (How much do I need?)

Dimensions: H21” W14” x D13”

Weight: 110lbs

Material: Steel

Fuels: Wood

Pipe Diameter: 3”

Certified? Currently working on certification!

Notes: You can additionally get a custom color finish in: black, green & copper.

Learn more about the Mini 12 Wood Burning Stove Here!



Gray Stove Works Facebook Page

Gray Stove Works Youtube Channel

Interesting Forum Conversation about the Mini 12CT

If you have any experience with this stove please comment with your feedback below!

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