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"Anyone who came into our Airstream commented on how it felt like a home with the wood stove."

The Kerr Family has been living tiny and traveling for over three years, and with the Tiny Wood Stove they enjoyed off-grid coziness for the whole family.  Check out their story below or on their Instagram @demibrooke.

Tell us about yourselves.

We’re the Kerr Family: Steven, Demi, Oliver, and Maribelle. We've been living full-time in our ‘87 Airstream Limited.

Please tell us a little bit about why you decided to live tiny and/or off grid.

We’ve been living tiny for almost three years now. We were living in a four bedroom house that was half empty because we kept getting rid of stuff that we didn’t use or want.

By the end, we realized we could totally live in a RV with how little we owned. So we sold our house and have been traveling since!

We homeschool, so it’s been amazing to visit new places, learning along the way.

Dwarf 4kw heating an Airstream

How did you decide you wanted to put a tiny wood stove in your rig?

The cozy factor! Anyone who came into our Airstream commented on how it felt like a home with the wood stove. We also wanted to be off the grid for longer periods of time - wood is much more easily accessible than propane.

Why did you choose a Dwarf stove in particular?

As cheesy as it sounds, we only work with companies that feel right. We’re very selective about who we work with, and felt right away that Tiny Wood Stove was run by genuine, wilderness loving folks. We also love the simple timeless look of the stoves.


How did your installation go?

My husband Steve did it by himself - with some help of the support team. Every question he asked was answered fully and then some, the team was very knowledgeable and it was a quick installation!

Our first burn was during a snowfall in Arizona - Steve and our friend James did the first burn and they both were so giddy, staring into the flames.

How has your space changed since you installed the stove?

Again, so cozy!

We also used the top of the Dwarf stove for cooking, which was AMAZING. Both for our propane budget and the overall experience.

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Have you been enjoying having a tiny wood stove in your space?

YES. Seriously counting down the days until we have a Tiny Wood Stove in our new tiny home on wheels. I feel like we’ll never be able to go without one now that we’ve seen how great it is.

What advice would you give others regarding a wood stove?

We would 100% recommend a Tiny Wood Stove.

Advice we would give is to follow the directions and ask if you aren’t sure about something- we’ve seen so many incorrectly installed tiny stoves online.

Also second bit of advice: if you’re on the fence about getting one, DO IT. It was totally our favorite part of the Airstream, and the new Airstream owners say the same.


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