Cubic Mini Small Wood Stove

Cubic Mini, “CUB”

Price: $595

Dimensions: H12” x W10” x D9”

Weight: 27lbs

Flue Outlet: 3”

Output: 6000-14000 btu

Efficiency: ?

EPA Certified: No

Outside Air Supply: No

Thoughts: The Cubic Mini Cub is a nice little stove, and very tiny.  It's a great option for very small spaces like vans overwintering in mild weather, or for fun and ambiance in spaces with another heat source.  The light weight of the Cubic Mini Cub allows it to be wall-mounted, which is a great space-saving feature.

4 thoughts on “SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Cubic Mini Cub”


      Hey Dave!

      No the Cub does not have an integrated ash pan. So between burns you would need to scoop out the excess ash. Hope this helps!

  1. I know wood pellets can be used but was wondering if pea coal could be used also, ,also how often does the ash have to be cleaned ? Thanks ! PS. does the 450.00 include shipping ?

  2. Hi Dave, our stoves are designed for solid wood, pressed logs, and charcoal, but not pellets. You need to clean the ashes as needed. Our prices do not include shipping or any applicable taxes. You can visit our website, enter your information and it will give you an exact price with no obligation to buy. Hope this helps.

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