SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Cubic Mini Grizzly


Small Stove Review

The Grizzly is the big brother of the cub. Its slightly large firebox gives it a longer burn times and a bit more heat output. This solid little stove is well built and attractive. The Grizzlies small weight and size make it perfect for spaces like sailboats and RV's where weight and size are a concern.


  • Compact Size
  • Large Front Display Window
  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Wall Mount Option


  • Looks Great!
  • Light Weight
  • Good Heat Output


  • Not ideal for large spaces
  • No firebricks (fiberglass blocks)
  • Hard to source odd 3" flue size

Bottom line
The Grizzly is a perfect stove for a small space with limited heating needs, where size and weight need to be kept to a minimum.

The Grizzlies Features:

  • Solid Steel Construction
  • Large Viewing Window
  • Primary & Secondary Combustion
  • Galley Rails
  • Small 3" Flue
  • Good Sized Fire Box

Ease of use
The Grizzly is fairly straightforward to use.  Many folks we've talked to have added a small grate to the bottom of their Cubic Mini to improve airflow through the bottom of the fire and to help separate ashes.

The baffles at the top of the firebox can be removed for maintenance.  Each baffle is attached to the top of the stove via a screw on the inside of the firebox.  Insulation can also be replaced if needed once the baffles are removed.

The Grizzly can crank out some heat, and the stove top is perfect for heating a small pan or kettle.  We found it difficult to achieve a very long burn time, and could only get around 2 hours with high-btu fuel and the air controls throttled back.

The most common complaint we've heard about the Cubic Mini Grizzly is that it doesn't provide very much heat.  It's a nice little stove when well matched to your heating needs, but we think the BTU numbers claimed might be a bit overstated.  18,000 BTUs is about 5.3 kW, which doesn't seem possible given the firebox size of the Grizzly.  The Cubic Mini Grizzly has a firebox size about the same as a typical 3kW stove (about 10,000 BTUs), so we suggest sizing accordingly.

Cubic Mini, “Grizzly”

Price: $695

Dimensions: H15” x W12” x D11”

Weight: 34lbs

Flue Outlet: Proprietary 3”

Output: Claimed 8000-18000 btu

Efficiency: ?

EPA Certified: No

Outside Air Supply: Available as an accessory

4 thoughts on “SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Cubic Mini Grizzly”

    1. Hi Bob-

      Cubic Mini doesn’t recommend using elbows at all when installing their stoves, but quite a few folks have done exactly that using our kits. Two 45 degree elbows seem to work fine as long as the flue system is otherwise well designed. We even have an adapter to make it easier to use our parts with cubic mini’s odd-sized flue flange. Check out our 3″ flue parts here:

    1. Hi Kevin-

      Burn time on all small stoves is going to be limited by firebox size. Having a stove this small that won’t overheat a very small space has the trade-off that it won’t burn very long without stoking. Folks we’ve talked to who have the Grizzly tell us that they can usually get around two hours of burn time without stoking if they load up the firebox and tighten down the air controls. If this is your only heat source, definitely plan on getting up a few times for an overnight burn, or just bundle up and restart the stove in the morning.

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