innovative ways to store firewood

7 Innovative & Beautiful Ways to Store Firewood

Wood stored for a fireplace or a wood burning stove does not have to be an eyesore! Checkout these seven innovative and beautiful ways to store your firewood:



Under Staircase

Underneath the staircase is often a waste of space. I love how they utilize this space and the chopped wood add to the overall aesthetic of the space.


in-wall-firewood-storageStorage Space Inside Wall

Love how with wall is framed with a cord wood in mind. It’s the perfect size and keep wood out of the way while showing it off.


wall-mounted-circle-frameMetal Circle Frame with Shelves

This cool frame has plenty of space to stack wood and gives you separate shelves to organize kindling and fire starters.


floor-shelf-with-triangle-slotsFloor Shelf with Triangular Dividers

Similar to the circle shelf but a box with triangular dividers. Great for different sizes and it looks sweet!



Modern Floor Shelf with Drawer

Love this modern style shelf that can hold a fair amount of stacked wood plus a drawer for kindling and fire starters. This would be pretty simple to build!



Sweet Outdoor Open-Air Wood Shed

Love this attractive little shed. Keeps wood off the ground and covered.



Wood Storage Behind Stove

This open space behind the stove is a great place to store and display wood. Love the rugged look of this!

Hope this inspires you to organize and show-off your wood pile!

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