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SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Salamander – The Pipsqueak MK3 Stove


Small Stove Review

Salamander stoves out of the UK make cast iron multi-fuel stoves for a variety of small spaces. The Pipsqueak is their smallest stove. Its super compact size and small flue size make it ideal for narrow placements where modest heat is needed. Its small size and weight make it perfect for small yurts and canvas wall tents.


  • Unique Look
  • Compact Size
  • Cast Iron Construction
  • Affordable


  • Burns Wood or Coal
  • Removable Ash Pan
  • Glass for Viewing Fire
  • Cook top for Cooking


  • Rear Only Flue Exit
  • China Made (Assembled in UK)
  • Hard to source 3" flue size

Bottom line
I personally love the look of this little wood/coal burner and it has tons of character! The cast iron construction will last for years and it's a great conductor of heat. The rear flue exit allows the entire top of the stove to be used as a cooking surface.

We were a dealer for the PIpsqueak stove in the United States at one time, but our customer feedback was a bit disappointing.  While the stove is adorable, the air controls are relatively open, so it's difficult to control the fire for longer, slower burns.  The build quality is nice, and the aesthetic is unique, but those who attempted to use it for serious heating were often left disappointed.

If you're looking for a small stove for recreational use, and don't need high output or long burn times, the Pipsqueak might be a good candidate.

The Pipsqueak is pretty basic. Its features:

  • Handy Multi-Tool
  • Removable Ash Pan
  • Rear Flue Exit Only
  • Glass Window on Door for Viewing Fire
  • Coal Bar for coal use

Ease of use
Controls are straightforward, and the top cooking surface works well for a small kettle.  We found it very difficult to control the Pipsqueak's burn rate with the air controls, though.  Temperature is most easily regulated by limiting the amount of fuel used, which results in high-maintenance fires and short burn times.

The pipsqueak can crank out some heat, but since it's difficult to control with the built-in air controls, we wouldn't consider it a high performing stove.

Price: $595

BTU: 10,000 (2-3kw burning coal) How many BTU’s do you need?

Dimensions: H17” (460mm) x W12” ( x D15”

Weight: 45lbs

Material: Cast Iron

Fuels: Wood & Coal

Flue Pipe Diameter: 3” (75mm)

EPA Certified? Has UK based certifications (Probably not applicable in the US)

Notes: Rear flue outlet only.

Pipsqueak Burning Coal

Pipsqueak Making Tea

9 thoughts on “SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Salamander – The Pipsqueak MK3 Stove”

  1. Bought one 3 winters ago and am very pleased with it and it Heats our 20ft caravan and supplies lots of hot water.

  2. We bought a Pip Squeak a few years back. It is amazing, but we cannot get anyone to certify it for insurance purposes. It is in our Shepherds Hut, but until we get the insurance certificate, we can’t allow people to light it in case of carbon monoxide leakage etc…any help greatly welcomed!

    1. Simon-

      That’s a good point. Most of our customers are installing stoves in spaces not subject to building codes like tiny houses, buses, RVs, and vans, so certifications aren’t a problem. If you need something for insurance purposes, I’d suggest contacting Salamander Stoves directly to see if it’s available. If anybody else is considering installing one of these stoves in a space subject to building codes, it’s best to talk to your insurance company and local code enforcement first, so you don’t have a problem later.

  3. I have had a pipsqueak burning for two years in my conservatory I keep two parrots in there, it goes through the roof on single wall pipe with a silicon bellows never had a problem you can burn 2 or 3 bits of coal, or up to eight, that’s when you need to open the doors and windows, Eastkilbride Scotland.

  4. Does the larger iron base come off? I am attempting to fit a stove and piping into a campaign trunk, and that lower part is about 12×15 (per the stove site), and I cannot find any information whether it is removable or not.

    1. Mark-

      I do not believe the bottom base of the PipSqueak is removable but it’s also not currently being manufactured so unless you find one second-hand, these are no longer available for purchase. Thank you!

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