Small Stove Review

Salamander stoves out of the UK make cast iron multi-fuel stoves for a variety of small spaces. The Pipsqueak is their smallest stove. Its super compact size and small flue size make it ideal for narrow placements where modest heat is needed. Its small size and weight make it perfect for small yurts and canvas wall tents.


  • Unique Look
  • Compact Size
  • Cast Iron Construction
  • Affordable


  • Burns Wood or Coal
  • Removable Ash Pan
  • Glass for Viewing Fire
  • Cook top for Cooking


  • Rear Only Flue Exit
  • China Made (Assembled in UK)
  • Hard to source 3″ flue size

Bottom line
We have not physically tested the Pipsqueak yet (we are awaiting a sample) but from what we have seen/read it appears to be a great little budget stove. I personally love the look of this little wood/coal burner and it has tons of character! The cast iron construction will last for years and it’s a great conductor of heat. The rear flue exit allows the entire top of the stove to be used as a cooking surface. Looking forward to getting this stove installed and firing it up!

The Pipsqueak is pretty basic. Its features:

  • Handy Multi-Tool
  • Removable Ash Pan
  • Rear Flue Exit Only
  • Glass Window on Door for Viewing Fire
  • Coal Bar for coal use

Ease of use
Will update when we receive a sample.

Will update when we receive a sample.

Price: $595

BTU: 10,000 (2-3kw burning coal) How many BTU’s do you need?

Dimensions: H17” (460mm) x W12” ( x D15”

Weight: 45lbs

Material: Cast Iron

Fuels: Wood & Coal

Flue Pipe Diameter: 3” (75mm)

EPA Certified? Has UK based certifications (Probably not applicable in the US)

Notes: Rear flue outlet only.



Pipsqueak Burning Coal

Pipsqueak Making Tea


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