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SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Shipmate Skippy Stove

Shipmate stoves have a long history that almost dried up in the late 90’s when the original company went out of business. A boat and stove enthusiasts picked up production of the old line in 2003 after finding an vintage stove and restoring it for his personal boat. This little stove looks to be well built and since it has such a long history you can occasionally find the old style. Shipmate also provides a wide variety of pipes, fittings and accessories for installing your wood stove.

Here are the stove specifics:

Price: $830 – $1905 (Depending on trim options)

BTU: 9000 – 28000 BTU Depending on fuel and dampening settings (How much do I need?)

Dimensions: W17.75” x D13.75” x H13.5”

Weight: 45lbs

Material: Cast Iron

Fuels: Wood or Coal

Pipe Diameter: 4”

Certified? Not Specified

Notes: This stove is stoked by removing the round cook plates on top. Some of the trim options are color (gloss black, blue, green, red), top shape (oval or rectangle) and a bronze trim upgrade.

Overall the Skippy looks to be a solid, well built little stove that looks great. My only wish on this little stove is a window to view the fire from! Unlike the Navigator stoves Shipmate has a quicker production timeline and they advertise delivery in 3-4 weeks. If you’re interested in a Shipmate you can learn more here!


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If you have any experience with this stove please put your feedback below!

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