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SMALL STOVE REVIEW: Navigator Stove Works – Little Cod

This little stove is the big brother to the Sardine. Navigator Stove works has been building quality (made in the USA) tiny cast iron wood stoves since 1997. They are specifically made for boats but have been used for many other applications like RV’s, yurts and other small spaces. One thing I really like about these little stoves is they have a traditional look and feel with a small window on the front so you can enjoy the mesmerizing flames as you get warm. The window also helps you keep the fire maintained as you can quickly reference the state of the fire.

Here are the stove specifics:

Price: $1460 + $150 Glass Front Option

BTU: 10000 – 28000 BTU (How much do I need?)

Dimensions: H11” x W18” x D14”

Weight: 55lbs

Material: Cast Iron

Fuels: Wood or Hardwood Charcoal

Pipe Diameter: 4”

Certified? Yes! (US EPA & State of Washington)

Notes: You can additionally get a custom porcelain color finish in: red, gray, black, green, blue & mint.

These popular little stoves have a long back-order status! There is between a 4-12 month waiting list depending on what you need. These little stove have been manufactured in the Seattle area for years and I have sometimes found used stoves on craigslist. If you decided on this route for your small space heating it’s better to order sooner than later! Order Here!


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If you have any experience with this stove please put your feedback below!

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