Small Stove Review

This modern looking modestly sized wood cookstove features a compact size, baking oven and cook top. This stove is great for smaller spaces that want an affordable off-grid heating and cooking option. Its more compact and lighter weight than other options on the market and its price can’t be beat!


  • Price: $1895
  • Dimensions: H36” x W19” x D18”
  • Weight: 235lbs


  • Compact Size
  • Modern Look
  • Great Heat Output
  • Baking Oven & Cooktop


  • Affordable Cookstove
  • Off-Grid Appliance
  • Unique Modern Look
  • Good Heat Output


  • Large & Heavy
  • Small Baking Oven

Bottom line
This Small Wood Cookstove features a modern looking design with several color options that will compliment any space!  The Cookstove is much smaller and lighter in weight than any other cookstove currently on the market which makes it one of the best options for tiny spaces. Plus its price point can’t be matched at hundreds less than others cookstoves on the market! Given the smaller size of this cookstove the oven is a little on the small side (W12.5″ x D13.75″ x H6.25″). Bottom line: this little cookstove is a great affordable off-grid heat and cooking addition to small cabins, cottages and tiny houses. (Note: not ideal for spaces less than 500sq’)

Small Wood Cookstove Features:

  • Large Firebox Fits Standard Sized Logs
  • Great Heat Output Heating up to 1000sq’
  • Primary & Secondary Air Combustion Technology
  • EPA Exempt Cookstove (Not valid in all states)
  • Great Modern Looking Design Available in 4 Colors
  • Baking Oven with Thermometer
  • Cooktop
  • Large Viewing Window

Ease of use
The Cookstove is very simple and easy to use. The primary air supply is located on the ash pan door and the secondary air supply is located on the top of the door. The stoves comes with a built in flue damper to further control air flow.

The stove burns very hot and clean. No smoke could be seen from the flue.


Price: $1895

Dimensions: H36” x W19” x D18”

Weight: 235lbs

Flue Outlet: 6”

Output: 40,000-50,000 btu’s How many BTU’s do you need?

Efficiency: 76%

Materials: Steel Construction with Firebricks

Fuel: Wood

EPA Certified: Cookstoves Exempt

Outside Air Supply: No



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