Tiny Wood Stove in a cozy Van

"We love this stove and its the centerpiece of our build."

Eric and Candace built their Ram Promaster in 2020 and have been taking it on trips all over the area. Their Dwarf 3kw Lite keeps them warm during their snowboarding trips.

They are also part of our  Featured Installer Lineup

Who are you? Tell us something about you!

Hello, my name is Eric Malan. I own Adventurebumss LLC and we build Tiny Homes inside your Bus, Van, and Vehicle. my fiancé Candace and I love to travel and see the world from the comforts of our small home. That's why we started the business is to help others do the same.

Where did you install your Tiny Wood Stove?

We installed our Dwarf stove in our 2017 Ram Promaster Van


How did your tiny living journey begin and what were your reasons?

It began in Southern California in a small town called San Clemente. It was a small beach town big on surfing and there where tons of Vans from the kids that want to travel, all the way to the really high end rigs. Living in that environment made us want to get into van life and start traveling more before we had kids. We moved in our van in the beginning of Covid and traveled for 9 months on weekends and some weeks. Being Covid we decided to keep our full time jobs and same money and do a lot of small trips.

How did you decide on a Dwarf stove?

I decided on this stove because we were at a van conversion expo and I saw one in a Skoolie and fell in love. Growing up in Northern California we had a fire place in our house and winters the house would be warmed by the fires we had. It makes everything cozy and relaxing. The outcome was having this awesome stove in our van for the cold weather while snowboarding.


How difficult was the installation process? Did you need any assistance of any kind?

The installation process was pretty simple. I had to call to get an answer on how to install the support bracket.

How has your experience been using the Dwarf? Have you been enjoying having a tiny wood stove in your space?

We love this stove and its the center piece of our build. People always complement it, and when its cold all our friends and family wanna be in our home.

Would you recommend a tiny wood stove to others?

We recommend the Tiny Wood Stove to all our clients because it looks awesome, sets the mood at night while watching moves, and its free fuel.

Would you like to add anything?

We love tiny living and Tiny Wood Stove.

You can find snippets of their adventure and most recent builds on Instagram.

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